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Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci


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Name 2 new technologies Da Vinci used to create the illusion of 3d appearence.
1. Sfumato ~ made figures seem to emerge from the backround. 2. impasto ~ thick material that could be applied to make objects appear to stand out or recede
Da Vinci used oil paint, not used since \"ancient times\". Give 3 reasons oil paint had advantages over other types of paint.
1. dries more slowly than tempera, giving artists more time to work on small detail. 2. colors could be blended on the panel, producing a scale of rich hues. 3. enabled artist to create a wide range of visual sensations.
Davinci assisted in military planning at one point in his career. Name on type of planning this included.
Da Vinci reccomended himself for a position in the military court by drawing plans for collapsible bridges, machines for draining trenches, siege equpment, armored cars and multi barreled guns. He alson helped with the courts\' plays.
In 1495 Da Vinci began his masterpeice THE LAST SUPPER. Briefly describe what his painting is about.
This painting \"dramatized\" the twelve disciples reaction to Christ telling them at a passover fiest that one of them wouls betray him.
How long did THE LAST SUPPER take to paint and why did it take so long to paint?
It took so long to paint because he couldn\'t find the right face for Judas and he experimented with new materials He began the last supper in 1495. He finally found a face for Judas. He expressed his difficulty finding a face for Judas. Someone critisized him for this and decided to use that persons face as Judas\'
When painting the Mona Lisa, what unique way did Da Vinci get his model (Lisa) to smile naturally?
Da Vinci hired muscisians and buffoons to entertain Lisa & make her smile.
Describe one unique thing Da Vinci did to help inderstand how the natural world works to help him make his art look more real?
He dissected 30 corpses and he learned how they functioned. This gave him an advantage when trying to make things appear real. He considered the body the \"ultimate Machine\"
In his series of notebooks Da Vinvi designed many inventions. Name at least 3 of them.
-military tank -machine guns -steam engines
Da Vinci also thought a lot about biology and science. Give 1 example of his learning through either biology or science in general.
Da Vinci dissected 30 corpses to learn about the human body (biology. He drew out the make up of bones, tendons and muscles and he explained their functions.
Describe the Mona Lisa.
The Mona Lisa was a painting of Lisa del Giacondo. Da Vinci painted more of her upper torso, unlike other artists, and he arranged folded hands in such a way that he formed a triangle shape. The triangle shape, points our attention at her face(the focal point). Lisa appears to be moving out of the darkness. Also Lisa is smiling (b/c she was laughing) wig=hich was uncommon.
What year was Michelangelo born, what year did he die and there for how old was he?
- Born- 1475 -died-1564 -lived-88 years
MA was a painter, sculptor and architect. O the 3 what did he himself feel he really was/
He felt that he was really a sculptor.
MA\'s artwork is not an imitation of nature but an idealized deeply personal vision of mankind. Unlike humanists , MA veiwed man as ......?
a lonley and unhappy creature the victim of circumstances beyond his control.
What was MA\'s backround in biology that helped him create realistic muscles, bones & organs?
Made a deal with the prior of the local monastary, agreeing to carve a crucifix for the church if he could dissect corpses in the Abbey\'s cloisters. This helped him create realistic figures.
In 1498 MA carved THE PIETA. How did he defend his rational to make Mary look so long?
MA believed Mary was a young mother. He was critisized by this, but replied that Mary\'s purity had protected her from the affects of aging.
Why was the PIETA the only work MA signed?
He overheared a nobleman saying that a young sculptor such as himself could never have created such a marvelous piece of art. That night, he prove he had done it by carving his name in it.
In 1501, MA created the statue DAVID. From what biblical story was david?
David and Goliath - about David, determined to destrot the giant, Goliath.
What was so interestingly unique about the block of marble used to carve David.
a 2nd rate sculptor had already chisled the form of a giant, botched than abandoned. MA now had to create his own statue from someone elses work if he succeeded, the statue would be the largest statue (14 ft)
The focal point of the sistine statue was the creation of adam that MA painted. What is the symbolic meaning of the fingers touching in that particular place?
the contact of the fingers symbolizes God\'s Gift of life to the reclining figure of the 1st man, Adam.
Describe in detail MA\'s PIETA.
The pieta is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary craddeling the dead body of her son, Christ after he was taken down from the cross. The limpness of Christs body stands out against the gentle folds of his mother\'s drapery. The triangle shape of the 2 figures draws attention to the face of Mary. You can sense Mary\'s sadness

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