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What are some advantages for working for a non-for-profit organization? A disadvantage?
Advantages: media is more likely to put out info on you for little or no cash, you get more freedom to make the project your own, and the stats are small.
Disadv: when you are finished with the project you have to report to a board of directors, which is 30-40 people.
In what way is a PR practicioner an intermedium?
A PR practicioner acts as an intermedium between company and public.
Who do you report to when working with financial relations?
The CFO (cheif financial officer) of a company.
What is the two-way symmetrical model? And does it work well with developing (3rd world) countries?
It allows for more input from the publics that can provide innovative solutions and corrective discourse. No it does not work for developing countries because in order for it to work their must be an imbalance in power between the publics and management and in 3rd world countries there isn't any.The people do not have any say.
What is your role when you, the PR practicioner, are placed as the problem-solver?
To look at issues and potential problems.
What did Lous Matat do?
He made the Code of Ethics?
What is the first step? The second step?
The first step is harmonizing the interests of an enterprose with the interests of those on whom its growth depends. And the second step is putting these policies into practice.
Give an example of one of the earliest press agencies.
The Boston Tea Party.
How did the practice of Public Relations start?
It began as publicity. A press agency.
In the beginning of the 20th century, who was the first to hire the Publicity Bureau? When and where?
Harcard University wwas the first to form it in Boston in 1900.
What is integrated marketing communications?
IMC- it focused on branding to give instant recognition for a product or company.
What is integrated communications?
IC- it supported organizations should unify all communications to "speak with one voice".
What did integrated communications bring together?
It started the merging of advertising, public relations, and marketing.
Who did Pres. Johnson appoint first for consumer complaints?
Betty Furnes.
What are Starck and Kruekeberg's three phenomena?
1. commuunication/ transportation technology
2. multiculturalism
3. globalism
What is culture crowding?
The crowding of various cultures.
Give an example of technological transparency.
The web.....everyone can see it.
What is the PR's position?
To solve and prevent problems.
What is investive relations?
Deals with reputation and risks.
Why are organizations messages consistent?
It's a more unified approach.
What is the biggest danger in using digital PR?
Not using the same software, same format. Continuously upgrading software.
What is ethical PR behavior?
ethics are different from one country to another and that makes public relations hard.
Name two broad categories of research sources.
1. government
2. private sector
What are psychographic characteristics?
A likeliness in audiences that is unrelated to demographics, such as lifestyles, music preferences, and hobbies.
How do you determine where or not to use the research you found?
It depends on credibility. Look up how it was collected and who did collected it.
What is quantitative brief search?
fax, figures, measures and counts.
What is the first step in formal research?
State the problem.
What is probability based on?
What is a purposive sample?
It is conducted by a reported who interviews teacher and students in the food and nutrition department about the quality of food in the college cafeteria.
What is the most used gathering data device?
What are the 2 dimensions of VALS framework?
1 Primary motivation
2 resources
Most sophisticated PR measure with which of the following?
D All of the above
What are PR surveys sometimes based on?
The person taking the survey uninformed opinions, beliefs, values, and heresay.
___________ is a reality for publics.
When we research on target public what are we wanting to find?
what they read, and where they get their info.

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