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History Midterm


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What were Northern Republicans in the south referred as?
Using the tactic of _______ in his "March to the Sea" Sherman's army devastated the south.
total war
South unionist were referred to as
Where were the terms of the Confederate surrender discussed and signed?
the Appomatox courthouse
Who killed President Lincoln at the Ford Theater in Washington, DC?
capital of the confederacy
Richmond, Virginia
What amendment declared that everyone born in the United States was a citizen with full rights?
14 amendment
What established laws that freed blacks would have to live by?
Black Codes
The first of the segregation laws were the ____, first passed in Tennessee to seperate blacks and white in public transportation
Jim Crop Law
Along with literacy test, southern legislatures implemented ____________ to prevent Blacks from voting?
Poll taxes
What amendment abolished slavery in the Union?
The 13 amendment
What amendment declared that the right to vote could not be denied on race or color?
15 amendment
Who ran against each other and in the 1876 election, which later led to the Compromise of 1877?
Tilden and Hayes
What prohibited discrimination by any public businesses, such as transportation facilities and hotels?
Civil Rights Act of 1875
In response to the violence in the South, Blacks pressured Congress to pass the ___________ ?
Enforcement Acts
In what court case, did the supreme court upheld the segregation laws saying that "separate, but equal" did not violate the 14th amendment?
Plessy vs. Ferguson
What General was the exceptional military leader of the South?
General Lee
What president won the election of 1868?
What was established in 1865 to help the millions of freed slaves left homeless from the war?
Civil Rights Act of 1865
the civil war began with the fall of
Fort Sumter

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