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Chapter 6.4


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Religions of the early Pax Romana
- Christianity - Judaism - Mythology - Mystery Religions
2 mystery Religions:
1) Cult of Isis - Women were equal to men - Expensive to belong too 2) Mithraism - No women allowed - Persian god Mithras - Good before evil - Life before death - Favored by soldiers
2 criteria needed for religious tolerance by the Romans
1) Honor Roman Gods 2) Acknowledge the divine spirt of the emperor
Most Jews lived in:
Jews were ________. They would not worship the emperor as a god
Jewish communties during the Hellenistic Age:
Many Jews absorbed Greek customs and ideas
Jews that were not reluctantly willing to live under Roman rule
2 ideas that the Zealots encouraged within the Jewish community:
1) revolt against Rome 2) Reestablish an independent state
Annointed king sent by god
From the Messiah, Jews expected:
he would lead the Jewish people to freedom
The "Great Revolt"
Roman forces crushed the rebels, captured Jerusalem, and destroyed the Jewish temple
Where did Jews go after the revolt?
they lived in scattered communities around the Mediterranean
Jewish scholars who extended and preserved the religious law asset forth in the Talmud
_______ was the founder of hte new religion called Christianity
Jesus of Nazareth
- Mathew - Mark - Luke - John
Good news --- from old English language
Jesus was born in:
Jesus grew up in:
Jesus followed ________ as a religion
Jesus began _______ at the age of 30
Jesus Gathered 12 disciples or followers called _______ to help him preach
Greek for: "a person sent forth"
Most important Apostle:
Short stories with simple moral lessons
Jesus believed in ___
One god
He followed the ______
Ten commandments
He preached _______ to the law of Moses
2 new beliefs:
1) son of god 2) people believed he was the messiah
to bring spiritual salvation and eternal life to anyone who would believe in him
3 major responsibilities of the Jewish people:
1) Love the Lord you God with all your heart 2) Love your neighbor as yourself 3) Love your enemies
2 ways Jews viewed Jesus:
1) Some welcomed him 2) Others regarded him as a dangerous troublemaker
Romans viewed Jesus as:
A revolutionary who might lead the Jews in a rebellion against Roman rule
Jewish followers proclaimed him _____.
"King of Jews"
How did Jesus die?
He was crucified
Do the Christians believed Jesus died?
No because they believed he rose from the dead
A _____ is a follower of Jesus
The Apostles first preached to the _______.
Jews of Judea
Christ (Christos)
"The annointed one"
The Disciple _____ preached to Gentiles
2 ideas Paul emphasized in his epistles
1) Jesus had sacrificed his life out of love for human kind 2) Whoever believed that Jesus was the son of god and followed his teachings would achieve salvation or eternal life
Which emperor persecuted Christianity?
someone who is blamed for something they can't control
people who suffer or die for their beliefs
2 important Christians that were killed by Nero
- Peter - Paul
Who was the greatest missionary of Christianity?
Who was crucified upside down? and Why?
- Peter - Because he refused to be crucified the same way Christ was
Why did Christianity continue to spread among the people?
Because it accepted everyone
Which emperor ended the persecution of the Christians?
The _________ accomplished freedom of worship to all citizense of the Roman empire
Edict of Milan
________ made Christianity the state religion of Rome
What did Theodosius not allow?
- Pagan worshipping - Olympics
What did the Christians have to do to fully join the Christian community?
Had to renounce evil in the rite of baptism
your sins are forgiven by the Grace of God
When did the Christians mostly worship?
Sacred meal when bread and wine is eaten and drank
3 clergy positions of the early Christian church
1) Bishop - Head of the churches in a major city 2) Patriarch - Head of administrative centers 3) Priest - Conducts services, baptisms, and marriages
An area that the bishop was responsible for or many parishes or churches
5 patriarchal cities
1) Rome (west) 2) Antioch (east) 3) Alexandria (east) 4) Jerusalem (east) 5) Constantinople (east)
Bishops of Rome became known as ____.
- head of church - vatican - supremacy over patriarchs
beliefs said to be contrary to official church teachings
How did Christians end disputes over questions of faith?
councils of church leaders met to decide official Christian teachings
talk or discourse about God
3 great scholars of the early Christian Church
1) Clement - teacher in Alexandria 2) Origen - respected for his intellectual achievements 3) Augustine - bishop of Hippo in North Africa. He combined Greco-Roman learning especially the philosophy of Plato
What were important in strengthening Christianity?
Church councils
Council of Nicaea
1) collected books of Gospel to greate the Old and New testaments of the Bible 2) Created the Nicene Creed or Apostle's Creed 3) Established the central belief of Christianity
Apostles Creed
Prayer affirming beliefs
The Doctrine of the Trinity
Three persons in one God

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