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Viral Diseases


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measles (common name)....Measeles Virus (agent)
Rubeola (Technical name)=skin
German measles (common name)....Rubella virus (agent)
Rubella (Technical Name)=skin
Chickenpox (common name)....Varicella-Zoster virus (VZV)=(ageent)
Varicella (Technical name)=skin
Herpes zoster (technical name)=skin
Warts(cn)....Human papillomavirus (HPV)..(a)
Cold sore; fever blisters(cn)...Herpes simplex virus(HSV-1)..(a)
Herpes labialis(technical name)=skin
Common Cold (cn)....Rhiinovirus(a).
Rhinitis (Respiratory Tract)
Flu(cn)...Influenza virus(a)
Influenza (Respiratory Tract)
Croup(cn)...Parainfluenza virus(a)
larynogotracheobronchitis(respiratory tract)
Infantile diarrhea(tn)=(Gastrointestinal tract)
Mumps(cn)...Mumps virus(a)
Contagious parotitis (tn)-(Gastrointestinal Tract)
"Mono"; kissing disease...Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)(a)
Infectious mononucleosis (Gastrointestinal Tract)
Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV)(a)
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome(AIDS)-Blood and Lymphatic System
Short incubation hepatitis...Hepatitis A virus(HAV)(a)
UNDER-Viral Hepatitis= Infectious hepatitis-Blood and Lymphatic System
Long incubation hepatitis...Hepatitis B virus(HBV)(a)
Serum hepatitis-Blood and Lymphatic System
Post transfusion hepatitis...Hepatitis C virus(HCV)(a)
Non-A, Non-B hepatitis=blood and lymphatic system
Cytomegalo virus(CMV)(a)
Cytomegalic inclusion disease=Blood and Lymphatic System
Aseptic meningitis
Central Nervous System
Polio(cn)...Polio virus(a)
Poliomyelitis(tn)=Central Nervous System
Hydrophobia(cn)...Rabies virus(a)
Rabies(tn)=Central Nervous System
West Nile Virus(a)
West Nile virus(tn)=Central Nervous System
Ebola virus(a)
Ebola(tn)=Central Nervous System
Genital herpes(cn)...Herpes simple virus (HSV-II)(a)
Herpes progenitalis(tn)=Genitorurinary Tract
Human papillomavirus(HPV)(a)
Genital Warts(tn)=Genitorurinary Tract

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