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World Civ 17.1


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Who controlled the spice trade in Asia and Europe?
Arab and Venetian merchants
Circling of the globe
Whose crew was the first to circumnavigate the world?
Which society invented the compass?
Discoveries of Prince Henry later became the foundation for what?
Portugese Empire
Strait at the bottom of s. america?
strait of magellan
Portugal's main interests?
Africa, Asia, trade
Who introduced the grid system of map references?
Where did Vasco de Gama sail to?
India- Calicut
What was the southern tip of Africa calleD?
Cape of Good Hope
Who brought together mapmakers, mathematicians, astronomers, etc to study navigation?
Prince Henry the Navigator
Was Vasco de Gama successful?
Why did Europeans start looking for sea routes to Asia?
Mongols couldn't guarentee safe passage on overland routes
What did Vasco de Gama find in Calicut?
Hindus and Muslims trading silk, procelain, and spices
Where did Columbus explore?
Hispaniola, Cuba
New triangle-shaped lateen sails perfected by the Arabs did what?
ships could sail against the wind
1400s- European ship that incorporated all new naval improvements called what?
Purpose of spices?
flavor/preserve meat, perfumes, cosmetics and medicine
Open-water ocean sailing required ships to do what that hadn't been done before?
left the coastline
1400s- Spain entered the race for Asian riches by backing the expeditions of who?
In 1507, who suggested that Columbus had actually discovered a new world?
amerigo vespucci
What did Dias's voyage prove?
ships could reach asia by sailing around africa
Who discovered the southern tip of Africa?
Barthologmeu Dias
Who renamed the south sea to pacific ocean?
1300s- Europeans depended on what from Asia and India?
Who discovered the Pacific ocean?
1519- who wanted to find a west. route to Asia and faced mutany, found a strait, etc?
1493- pope drew this imaginary line running down the middle of the Atlantic (spain had west, portugal had east).
line of demarcation
What did Portugal and Spain sign to move the line of demarcation farther west?
treaty of tordesillas
Who perfected the astrolabe?
1400s- explorers left because of what?
desire for gold, glory and spreading religion

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