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End of the Year Review (American History)

End of the Year Review
Mr. Lickteig
Fort Riley Middle School
Fort Riley, KS


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William Allen White
famous writer from Emporia, was a Progressive and worked to destroy the KKK, also wrote "What's the Matter with Kansas?"
Manifest Destiny
the belief that the United States should strech from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific
cotton gin
this invention DECREASED the cost of producting cotton
an anti-slavery person living in Kansas
push-pull factors
these cause people to either GO or LEAVE a certain area, used in determining immigration
executive branch
this group enforces the law
state legislatures
With a two-thirds majority vote in both houses, Congress may propose an amendment to the US Constitution, which must then be approved by three-fourths of the _____________________
soil conservation
new techniques to help stop the spread of the Dust Bowl
the movement to improve the life of average Americans in 1880-1920, included Temperance, Suffrage, Worker's Rights, Child Labor Laws
the process of adding new states to the United States
Stephan Douglas
writer of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, wanted to build the railroad through the North and gave up the Missouri Compromise Line
Mayflower Compact
the pilgrims wrote this document to help establish a social contract (or set of rules) for their new colony
Mexican-American War
this war was caused by: Manifest Destiny, the Texas Revolution, the dispute over the Texas border, and the annexation of Texas by the US
opportunity cost
what you give up to get something, economics
Declaration of Independence
document that contains the words: "We the People"
Indian Wars
wars between white settlers and Natives
Wyandotte Constitution
the constitution we use in KS today, outlawed slavery
the process of moving Native Americans from lands in the east to less desirable lands in the midwest
insufficiency or shortness of supply
when one business controls all production of a good and can set their own prices
Great Depression
time from 1930-1940 in which the US economy was down and unemployment was very high
William Jennings Bryan
man who ran for president as a Populist
the exchange of one thing for another of more or less equal value, esp. to effect a compromise
Bill of Rights
the first 10 amendments of the Constitution
Congress may propose an amendment to the constitution with a _____________ vote
man-made water ways that connected rivers to each other
a shop employing workers at low wages, for long hours, and under poor conditions
head of the Executive Branch
deltas, tidelands, and peninsulas are physical characteristics of this geographic region
Robert Fulton
inventor of the steam boat
Homestead Act
a special act of Congress (1862) that made public lands in the West available to settlers without payment, usually in lots of 160 acres, to be used as farms. (as long as people could IMPROVE the land)
sending something OUT of the country, selling
Marbury v. Madison
the trial which established the concept of judicial review
the act of people LEAVING a country
Eli Whitney
inventor of the cotton gin
the most important technology and business in the mid-1800s, owned a lot of land in Kansas
Supreme Court
head of the Judicial Branch
Jim Crow laws
laws that legalized segregation in the South during Reconstruction
Article V
section of the Constitution that deals with how the constitution can be changed with amendments
interchangeable parts
making peices of an item all the same so they can be replaced if broken
Bill of Rights
the first 10 amendements of the Constitution, used to grant freedoms to each citizen
dealing with young persons
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Passed in 1854, created popular soveriegnty, allowing people to vote whether to be a slave or free state
legislative branch
this group makes the law
the act of people coming IN to a country
supreme court justice to increased the power of the Supreme Court
If the price of something _______________, the amount of that item sold decreases.
cost of the bike
If you decide between buying a bike or a skateboard, and you pick the skateboard, what was your opportunity cost?
Industrial Revolution
during the 1800s, the US began building factories and providing mechanical jobs to immigrants
Benjamin "Pap" Singleton
man who encouraged African Americans to move to Kansas
14th amendment
gave voting rights to African-American men
Gilded Age
in the US, a period c 1870 to 1898 (or World War I), which was marked by the growth of industry and wealth which supported materialism and political corruption, coined by Mark Twain
an agreement for free trade between the United States and Canada and Mexico; became effective in 1994, allowed for free trade between the countries
The process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological characteristics of a group: "Waves of immigrants have been assimilated into the American culture."
supply and demand
the basics of economics, determines the price of goods
a group of persons sent by a church to carry on religious work, esp. evangelization in foreign lands, and often to establish schools, hospitals, etc.
Missouri Compromise
Allowed two states to join the US, created a line that said no slavery north of it
Fred Harvey
created restaurants along the railroad line, complete with waitresses and hotels
railroad shipping costs
one of the major reasons Kansas farmers supported the Populist movement was because they were upset about increasing ________________-
Oregon Trail
a trail used for IMMIGRANTS moving to lands in the west
Thomas Jefferson
author of the Declaration of Independence
Uncle Tom's Cabin
book written by Harriett Beecher Stowe to encourage people to join the abolitionist movement
an embankment designed to prevent the flooding of a river
the process of passing over a president's veto by Congress
living in the middle of a city, downtown
high wages
if a business wanted to expand its workforce, ________________ would attract new employees
people living outside of cities
the movement to allow voting rights for different groups of people
this caused a rush to California in 1849, creating boom towns over-night
textile mills
the first forms of factories in the New England states, created cloth items
the phase the US went through after the Civil War trying to rebuild the country
long periods of time without rain
climate change
the reason why many Native Americans died after being relocated to Kansas
a grassroots movement, supported mostly by farmers in KS
refusing to work your job until you are paid more or offered better incentives
popular sovereignty
the idea that people should be allowed to vote on the issue of slavery in their new state
lower price of labor
the reason why outsourcing is becoming common to American businesses
to obtain goods or services from an outside source: U.S. companies who outsource from China
eminent domain
the power of a government to take private property for public use
the most important crop in the south before the Civil War
Alien & Sedition Acts
law that gave John Adams (the president) the power to kick any immigrant out of the country for talking negatively about the government; limited free speech
as manufactoring became a bigger industry, there were less people working in ______________
a group of people that works together to improve the rights of worker's of a certain industry
Federalist papers
a group of documents written by James Madison that encouraged people to SUPPORT the Constitution
when the president rejects a bill
president who purchased the Louisiana Purchase
the development of interchangeable parts meant __________ prices on goods
Cattle trails
used to transport livestock from summer grazing areas in Texas to the railroads in Kansas
judicial review
the power of the Supreme Court to declare acts of congress unconstitutional
Thomas Paine
author of "Common Sense", a book that helped encourage people to use the Constitution
Magna Carta
one of the first forms of Democracy, passed in 1215 in England, limited the power of the King
seizure of tribal lands
During the late 1800s in KS, this action by white settlers with support of the US Army led to increased conflict with American Indians
living in towns on the outskirts of a major city
Articles of Confederation
the laws the United States followed BEFORE the Constitution
Medicine Lodge Treaty
peace agreement between the US and different Native American tribes; Native Americans agreed to move to reservations
tax on an imported good
due process
regular use of law, used to guarantee legal rights to each person (right to confront your accuser, right to a speedy trial, etc.)
judicial branch
this group interperts the law
LeCompton Constitution
one of the four constitutions being considered at the time KS was becoming a state, allowed slavery
the weather of a place over a period of time
bringing something IN to a country, buying
poor freed slaves from the Deep South that moved to Kansas to create a new way of life
a town created by African-Americans in western Kansas after migrating away from the south
depleting buffalo
strategy used by the United States to destroy the Native Americans
the group of people who make up the Legislative Branch
Confederate guerrillas who came from Missouri to carry out raids in KS
physical geography
dealing with the landforms and terrain of a certain place
mass production
the process of making a lot of the same item at a time, instead of one at a time
if the value of the US dollar ___________ compared to the Japanese yen, then Japanese goods sold in the US will be more expensive.
changes to the constitution
Santa Fe Trail
a trail used for ECONOMIC and TRADE in the west
Bleeding Kansas
conflict in Kansas from 1850 to 1858 with a lot of violence
a service provided by local governments in KS
stubble mulching
the process of leaving the stalk of a plant in the ground after harvesting, used to prevent soil erosion

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