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World History Final


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Who first developed the balance of power concept?
during the age of exploration, what was a major killer?
The triple Antante power of WWI included what 3 countries?
England, France, Russia
What happened near the end of the French Revolution?
Reign of Terror
Who were the 5 men that headed France from 1795 to 1799?
Who was the Italian unification leader from Sardinia?
What was Adam Smith's theory of "laisseaz-faire"?
keep business and government seperate
After 30 years war who was the leading power?
Henry IV ruled England from 1589-1610, true or false?
false, France
Strong Feelings against Jewish people are called, what?
What did the Congress of Vienna meet to discuss?
Napoleonic Wars
Who first colonized parts of South America?
What was Louis the 14th's family name?
The Industrial Revolution began in Germany, T or F?
F, Great Britain.
Who was the person who wrote about revolutionary action in his paper?
MAP: What were 3 cities in the Ottoman Empire?
Constantinope, Pest, Buda
Who signed the English Bill of Rights?
William & Mary
Who had the highest power before WWI?
Germany, Austria and Italy
Napoleons attempt to take over England was known as___?
what did the Edict of Nantes do?
gave Protestants religious equality
MAP: what indian group lived both on the Atlantic and Pacific?
VIDEOS: Who was Karl Marx?
father of communism
What was the Estates General?
the weak representative in France
What was the war of Spanish Succesion?
Spanish ruler wanted to be ruler of France too, upseting the balance of power.
What was the result of the French Revolution?
middle class gained influence
VIDEOS: Is Machu Picchu an Inca or Aztec city?
What leader conqured the Incas?
Who made up the first estate?
Who was the Spanish Renaisannce writer who wrote Don Qixote?
What German started the Reformation?
Martin Luther
Who wrote the handbook on politics?
Maciavelli -called The Prince
Who was the 1st to circumnavigate the earth?
This ended Germany's religious warfare in 1555?
Peace of Augsburg
The reign of Terror was led by the___?
MAP: What two empires did not ally with Napoleon?
Ottoman, Russia
What was the purpose of Congress of Vienna?
restore Balance of Power
Under the Old Regime, taxes fell heavy on the _____?
VIDEOS: who was Cordet?
"friend of the people" died in a bathtub
MAP: How did the Aztecs travel around Tenochtitlan?
Who led the unification movement of Germany?
VIDEO: Who built the first castles?
What does Renaissance mean?
VIDEOS: who was known as the admiral of the ocean sea?
Who is an example of a Northern Renaissance artist?
Famous cubist painter?
What started WWI?
assasination of Archduke Ferdinand
VIDEOS: what were 2 way to attack castles?
catapults, tunnels
What explorer traveled the greatest on land?
Cartier OR Coronado
Who was King of France during the French Revolution?
Louis 16th
What group was located in Mexico?
VIDEO: How was the Inca's land shared?
priests (1/3) state (1/3) FAMILY (1/3)
Who is known for painting madonnas?
What was the main inspiration for writers?
Who was an example of an Italian poet?
VIDEO: What did the Spanish bring to Peru?
olives, bullfights, horses, chapels, music
MAP: What best descirbes Tenochtitlan?
What pope called for the 1st crusade?
Pope Urban
Who was the most famous French "emperor"?
Who invented the cotton gin?
Eli Whitney
MAP: Was Rome part of the Holy Roman Empire in 1648?
Who was king during the war of Spanish Succesion?
Louis XIV
What was a painting movement in France called?
Who was the first sponsor of explaination?
Henry the Navigator
If France had not declared war on Austria, it is likely that_____?
Prussia would never have attacked France
What was the Babylonian Captivity?
When the pope resided in France
What was the cause for the quarrel between Pope Gregory VII and the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV in the 11th century?
the issue of who appointed bishops.
What was a compromise between Henry V and Pope Greg. VII in 1122 was?
the Concordat of Worms.
What group formed in the late 12th century served the Church by providing teachers and missionaries?
the Franciscans.
What 2 groups lost power and prestige as a result of the Crusades?
the papacy and the feudal lords.
What role did Joan of Arc play in French history?
she convinced the French to fight the English.
Heresy was the crime of:
holding beliefs that the Church considered wrong.
The Reconquest was the:
Christian effort to retake Spain from the Muslims.
Which of the Crusades had the most success?
the First Crusade.
What was one result of German expansion eastward in the Middle Ages?
increase of trade in northern Europe.
What were the two main centers of classical learning in medieval Europe?
Spain and Sicily.
What was the universal language of European scholars?
Who taught that reason and faith go hand in hand?
Thomas Aquinas.
Why was medieval science limited?
scientists' investigations were mixed with ideas based on superstition.
What was the oldest great literary work in a vernacular language?
Compared with Gothic architecture, the Romanesque style was...
more massive and less colorful.
Who was the author of the divine comedy?
What was the attitude about women reflected in the songs of the troubadors best described as?
What did the Canterbury Tales have a strong influence on?
the development of modern English.
In the late Middle Ages, famines and the Black Death were the main causes of what?
the decrease in population.
When did the peasant rebellions of the late 1300's end?
the uprisings were put down by force.
The longbow changed medieval warfare in what ways?
archers could shoot farther and faster.
The power of the French monarchy increased because of what?
the Hundred Years' War.
The Wars of the Roses were fought to determine what?
which branch of the royal family would rule England.
The existance of strong, unified states is associated with:
the end of the Middle Ages.
Why did Europeans begin to make voyages of exploration in the fifteenth century?
the merchants' desire for new markets
Which European nation was first to sponsor boyages of exploration?
Which European was first to sail around the southern tip of Africa?
Bartholomeu Dias.
The Portuguese opened trade with India as a result of the voyage of whom?
Vasco da Gama.
Which country financed the voyages of Columbus?
The Treaty of Tordesillas did what?
divided the non-Christian world between Spain and Portugal.
Cortes is remembered for what?
the conquest of the Aztecs.
Why were the Spanish able to conquer the Aztecs and Incas?
they had better weapons.
What happened more quickly? conquest of aztecs or incas?
Which explorer claimed Brazil for Portugal?
Pedro Cabral.
Encomiendas granted Spanish colonists what?
the right to demand labor and taxes from the Indians.
The Northwest Passage was thought to be a waterway through
North America to Asia.
Where did Henry Hudson pave the way for a Dutch colony?
New York.
If religious persecution had not existed in Europe, North America might have had what?
fewer English colonists.
In England's southern colonies, most colonists earned a living how?
in agriculture
The main source of wealth for French colonists in the Americas was what?
fur trading.
Who was the Admiral of the High Seas?
Antonio Pigafetta kept a journal which has told historians a lot about whose voyages?
What were some problems for Columbus during his fourth voyage to the Americas?
disease, mutiny, and Indians.
Who did not explore parts of North America?

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