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nsg cncpt 1 part 3


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to observe is to ?
gather data by using senses
2 aspects of observation?
noticing the data / selecting, organizing and interpreting the data
an interview is?`
a planned communication or a conversation with a purpose
physical contact is used only if?
it has a therapeutic purpose
during the assessment phase the nurse would?
validate data
the seperation of parts
putting parts together
what is PES format?
three part nursing diagnosis statement:
base diagnosis on?
patterns / on behavior over time-rather than isolated incidence
etiology of hypothermia
delibrate/systemic phase that involves decision making`
parts of Planning ?
prioritze problems/
formulategoals/desired outcomes/select nursing interventions/write nursing orders
for q nsg dx, rn must write at least one?
desired outcome; when achieved directly demonstrates resolution of the problem clause
implementing consists of ?
doing and documenting
reassessing the client
determine rn need for help
implement rn interventions
supervise delgated care
document rn activites
1st 3 nursing phase, aseesing, diagnosing, planning provide?
the basis for the rn actions performed during implementation
cognitive skills
include problem solving, decision making, critical thinking and creativity
interpersonal skills
are all the activities, verbal and nonverbal when interacting with one another

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