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Ch.9 MAH Reveiw


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What amendment legailized a graduated federal income tax?
16th Amendment
What are the four goals of progressiveism.
protecting social welfare, promoting moral improvement, creating economic reform and fostering efficiency
What group fed people in soup kitchens and cared for children in nurseries across America.
The Salvation Army
This is the banning of alcoholic beverages.
This strictly limited the distribution of free R.R. passes.
The Hburn Act of 1906
Woodrow Wilson appeared to support this issue during his campaign but during his presidency, he did more to support those who opposed it.
civil rights
What two writers criticized the capitalist economy?
Henry Geroge & Edward Bellamy
This person fought hard for buisness and finance reform.
Woodrow Wilson
Teddy Roosevelt led this voluntary calvary brigade at San Juan in Cuba?
The Rough Riders
Woodrow Wilson offered lulewarm, cautious support for this issue, telling its supporters that "there had been a force behind you that triumphant and for which you can afford to wait."
woman's suffrage
What did the Keatingy Owen Act of 1916 do?
Act that prohibited the transportation of goods produced w/ child labor across state lines.
Which party was the presidential administration that fired Gifford Pinchot from the U.S. Forrest Service because of his conservationist ideas.
Republican Party
What famous book reveiled the filthy conditions of the meat packing industry? Who wrote this book?
The Jungle ; Upton Sinclair
Which party nominated Theodore Roosevelt for president in the 1912 election.
Progressive Party
Bunting vs. Oregon uphold?
In 1917 this persuaded the cout to uphold a ten-hour work day for men.
Which party nominated a candidate to serve a third term as president in the 1912 elaection.
Progressive Party
What did the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 do?
This divided the nation into 12 districts.
Which party chose the incumbent president (Taft)as its canidate in the 1912 election.
Republican Party
Australian ballot?
A secret ballot.
Which party did Theodore Roosevelt represent during his two terms as president.
Republican Party
John Miur;what did he do?
A naturalist and writer who persuaded the president t set aside 148 million acres of forrest reserves.
This aimed to return control of the government to the people, restore economic opprotunities, and correct injusticies in American life.
progressive movement
What did the Muller vs. Oregon state?
That a state could legally limit the working hours for women.
This recognized women's sufferage.
19th Amendment
What company did Roosevelt sue in 1902?
Northern Securities Company
This was given the power to investigate unfair buisness practices and to issue orders to "cease and desist."
Federal Trade Comission
What city adopted a commission as its form of gov't?
Which party's candidate endorsed a progressive platform called the "New Freedom" that demanded stronger antitrust legislation, banking reform, and reduced tariffs.
Democratic Party
What were the 6 major colleges for women in higher education?
1.Vasser College-1865
2.Smith College & Wellsley College-1875 3.Randolph-Macon Women's college-1891
This specified that labor unions and farm organizations not only had a right to exist, but would also no longer be subject to antitrust laws.
Clayton Antitrust Act
What famous muckraker wrote for McCulure's magazine?
Idam Tarbell
This person was the president of NAWSA.
Carrie Chapman Catt
What term described Roosevelts reform?
Square Deal
This is the effort to improve efficientcy in the work place by appling scientific principles.
scientific management
What did the YMCA stand for? What type of things did they do to promote social welfare?
The Young Men's Christian Assosiation. They opened libriaries, sponcered classes, and built swimming pools & handball courts.
This established the Federal Reserve System.
Federal Reserve Act
direct primary?
This meant that voters would choose candidates for public office through a special popular election.
This substantially rduced import taxes for the first time since the Civil War.
Underwood Tariff
Formed the American Solialist party in 1900?
Eugene V. Debs
This is a decentralized private banking system under government control.
Federal Reserve System
What other political offices did Roosevelt serve in before becoming govenor?
New York City's police comissioner, assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy, & he was an aspiring politician.
This was intended to provide revenue lost by the lowering of tariffs.
income tax
What company introduced the 5 Dollar Day? Who was in charge of this company?
Ford Motor Company ; Henry Ford
Who was the president of Princeton University?
Woodrow Wilson
What was the Anti Saloon Leage?
Its members attacked saloons so that the saloons would stop serving alcohol.
What was the 3 part strategy for suffrage?
1.Convince state legislatures the right to vote.
2.Women would perse court cases to test the 14th Amendment.
3.Women would pass for a National Constitution Amendment grating women the right to vote.
What new types of city government emerged during the progressive era?
commission and councils
Female advocate that fought for voting rights;her picture is on the silver dollar.
Susan B. Anthony
Goal of the WCTU? Who led this group to National Prominance?
Promoted the goal of prohibition. Frances Willard
How old was Roosevelt when he became president?
42 yrs. old
What was the effort to improve efficiency in the workplace by applying scientific principles to make simpler tasks easier.
scientific management
What percent of women worked in tobacco factories?
What group was formed in 1904 to end child labor?
National Child Labor Commmittee
Before being elected VP Teodore Roosevelt served as govenor of what state?
New York
Who founded the NAACP?
Du Bois
Who was Roosevelts secretary of war?
William Howard Taft
Who was the speaker of the house of representatives?
Joseph Cannon
In dealing w/ trusts Roosevelt was known as what?
a trustbuster
What year will women graduates out-number men?
What popular toy was named after roosevelt?
the Teddy Bear
What were the white collar workers?
typest, teachers, and bookeepers (education)
Who were the 4 women reformers?
1.Susan B. Anthony
2.Elizabeth Cady Stanton
3.Lucy Sone
4.Julia Ward Howe
Which state was the first to adopt a direct primary?
What institution was Booker T. Washington in charge of?
Tuskegee Institute
What percent of women held manufactoring jobs after 1900?

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