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civ 15.3-16.3 TEST


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What Pope liked indulgences?
Pope Leo X
What is Mercantilism?
an economic theory that there is a fixed amount of money and wealth in hte world, and to be most powerful, you should have the most gold and silver.
What confirmed his theory?
the 4 moons of Jupiter
What did scientists do after the 1500s?
religious teachings, obsercations, magic spells
Where was he from?
What was he also known as?
the Father of modern astronomy
What language did he write it in?
What is a reform
a change
What are huguenots?
french people who converted to calvinism; 1/3 of the nobility convert to calvinism
How many kids did they have?
had 6 pregnancies but only one daughter
What was that?
that everything revolved around earth, in a circle
What were his beliefs called?
What did Rene Descartes challenge?
medieval and religious teachings
What was the 1st book LUther write abou?
religious faith and morals
What did his ideas do the the world?
changed the way people viewed the world
What did he believe?
everything revolves around earth, in a rectangle
What did Hippocrates study?
medical studies
What did Plato study?
How many kids do they have?
FIINALLY one boy
What did he discover?
calculus [math]
Why was their an unstable economy?
there was no unified currency
What book did he publish in 1543?
On the Fabric of the Human Body
What did natural philosophers base things on?
What did he believe?
the planets move in an oval sahpe rather than a circle shape
What were the 7 steps of scientific method?
1) State the problem. 2) gather info. 3) create a hypothesis. 4) experiment (test the hypothesis). 5) record and analyze data. 6) make a conclusion. 7) Repeat!
What did he discover thru experiments?
What church door did he post the 95 Theses on?
Wittenberg Church
What was the heliocentric theory?
everything revolves around the sun, not the earth
What does Johannes Kepler confirm?
the heliocentric theory
What did astronomers think influenced man?
the position of the stars and planets influenced what happened on earth
What social changes led to exploration?
1) curious and adventurous2) religious persecuted. 3) population increasd and overcrowded city, wealthy wanted more land. 4) Trading is the main economic activity
What can you do to create a FBT?
1) Tariffs- tak on import. 2) Subsi or subsidize bussiness. 3) explore for new matherials and colonize
Why didnt Henry make his son the next heir of the throne?
he was weak and not a good candidate as a ruler
What was is not by?
deductive reasoning
What was joint stock company?
owners sell stocks and buyers share in profits
What was the Reformation?
a religious revolution where many people like humanists believed the Roman Catholic Church lost sight of its spirituallity
What was a famous quote of his?
"I think, therefore, I am"
What was Robert Boyle a pioneer of?
modern chemistry
Who else was from Greece in 300 BC?
Hippocrates and Plato
What did he believe could be measured and descrived mathematically?
nature and laws of motion
30 years after Luther broke away from the church, what was made?
The Peace of Augsburg
Who was he married to?
Catherine of Aragon from Spain
What was the Peace of Augsburg
allows german states to choose between the Lutheran or Catholic Church
What beliefs did he have?
christian beliefs
Where was the reformation?
How many kids did they have?
she had severla pregnancies but only one daughter lived
What were the results of a stable money company?
1) encouraged international banner, trading, investing. 2) joint stock company. 3) monarchs support explorations
What did he observe?
the rings around Saturn
How much experimentation did natural philosophers use?
minimal experimentation
What is an FBT?
favoral balance of trade
What were the alchemists goal?
to mix base metals into gold
When was the Diet of hte Worms?
What book did he write in 1637?
Discourse on Method
What did he believe if the palnets were closer to the sun?
the planets closer to the sun move faster than the planets that are futher
Who was her nephew?
HRE Charles V
What was this book used for?
used by doctors to correct medical mistakes
What was Henry VIII's last name?
What was the Diet of Worms?
when the church asks Luther to recant what he said in hte 95 THeses
What was their favorite medicine?
mummy powder
Who made maps?
What was the economic change also known as?
commercial revolution
How did Henry get rid of Anne boleyn so he could marry another girl?
accused her of treason and executed her
What did he believed?
The geometric theory
What did Francis Bacon believe all theories should be proven by?
observation, experimentation, and repitition
Was he a good friend of the Pope and church?
What were the factors that led to exploration?
1) Technology. 2) Economic changes. 3) Mercantilism
What religion was he born as?
What did that explain?
physical world with religious teachings
What is the new belief of Luther's called?
What was lutheranism?
1) Simple organization. 2) clergy was the ministers who lead the congregations. 3) there were 2 sacraments: baptism and communion. 4) services in the vernacular- original language. 5) people could get divorced. 6) banned indulgences and pilgrimages
What are indulgences?
when people pay money in exchange for punishment of sin
What theory did he prove?
heavy objects fall fasther than light objects
what is gravity?
a single force that keeps all planets in motion
What medal was he awarded?
"Defender of the Faith"
What technology did they have?
What was the belief of Calvanism?
Everyone is predestined to go to heaven or hell by god.
what did he beleive was on earth?
Who does he marry?
Jane Seymoul
How much older was she than Henry?
10 years older
What did it have?
deatiled illustrations
What theory did he believe?
bodies attract each other
What is theocracy?
government ruled by religious leaders claiming God's authority
What are two ways to build wealth?
1) Mine for silver and gold. 2) Create a favorable balance of trade
What was the 3rd book he wrote about?
wrote about private individuals that support the Pope
What was Martin LUther's revelation?
inner faith equals inner salvation
Who was his second wife?
Anne Boleyn
Can it be changed?
What were the predestined people going to heaven called?
the "elect"
What did he study?
What were the economic changes?
an unstable economy
What did the book stress?
human reasoning/critical thinking
What are sects?
small religious groups that are not very well organized
Where was Roger Bacon from?
What did he write?
95 Theses
What did Galileo build?
a telescope
What made Henry breake away from the Catholic Church?
the pope, his frined, would not allow him to get a divorce with his wife
Who studied science?
natural philosophers, astronomers, and alchemists
What book did he publish in 1543?
On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres
What did alchemist base things on?
magic and potions
what was the second book he wrote about?
wrote against hte papacy
what does geo mean?
Who did Johannes Kepler work with?
What happens to Luther?
he is excommunicated
Where was John Calvin born?
What did Copernicus create?
the heliocentric theory
What did natural philosophers study?
teachings of hte Greek and Romans
What is recant?
to take back
What was Aristotle?
a philosopher
What was he?
an alchemist
What was Boyle's law?
higher temperatures make gas expand when pressure increases and volume decreases
What was it about?
the 95 points of bad aspects of the church he believed; wrote about statements, opinions, and views on hte church
What was the reaction?
copies were made, sale of indulgences
What did he study?
study of motion in pendulums
What did believe about assumptions?
assumptions had to be proven on the basis of known facts
what was their daughter's name?
What did it mean to create a favorable balace of trade?
to seel more then you buy or export more than you import
What law did Isaac Newton propose?
law of universal gravitation
Why not?
it was political, not religious
What was their daughter's name?
What was his name?
Edward VI
What tools did they use?
compass, astrolabe
What were the causes of the Reformation?
1) believed the church was more interested in money rather than salvation. 2) believed the clergy were corrupt and had less emphasis on setting moral examples. 3) believed the POpe was too political. 4) believed the church had too many ceremonies, rituals, and was less spiritual.
Where was Ptolemy from?
When did he publish this book?
After he was dead
What was he known as?
The Giotto of science
What does he identify?
individual and compound chemicals
What did he discover?
the earth revolves around the sun?
Why was this made?
to have peace, so if invaders attack, they would be a team and attack together
Where does he move to, once an adult?
What did they make?
How did people know if they were going to heaven?
they are good and do good things
WHen did the Reformation begin?

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