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Kimball DW

Terms from Kimball's Dimensional Data Warehousing concepts


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Aggregated Facts
A table of precalculated summary facts to improve performance
Business Process
Operational activity the organization engages in to accomplish its primary goals
Bus Matrix
Maps business processes to common entities/objects
Analytic Theme
A major challenge or opportunity faced by the organization
Degenerate Dimesion
A dimension without any attributes of its own
Splitting out a dimension into further tables, closer to normalization
Slowly Changing Dimensions
Approach to handling changes in dimension attributes over time
Drill Across
Using a dimension to look across more than one business process.
Aggregate Dimension
A choice to split out a higher level dimension, to support when some of the fact data is at one level of detail, while other is at higher level of detail (grain).
Give CONTEXT to facts. NOUNs of the business.
Natural way to group data within a dimension to support DRILL DOWN.
Type 3 SCD
A slowly changing dimension to be tracked over time, but with copies of columns for each history version. NOT recommended approach
Type 2 SCD
A slowly changing dimension that the business desires to see the effects of change over time, through start and end dates.
Measurement associated with a specific business process. VERBs of the business.
Variable Depth Hierarchy
A dimension that may have varying degrees of hierarchies, i.e. not a fixed number of hierarchies across the dimension
Type 1 SCD
A slowly changing dimension that the business has decided, does NOT need to have history tracked over time.
Bridge Table
A compromise table between dimensions to support a many to many relationship
Surrogate Key
A key created just for the data warehouse, that is not the natural key from the source system
Business Process Prioritization
Uses grid to rank processes based on business value and implementation feasibility
Level of detail of the data
3 Fact Table Types
Transaction, Periodic Snapshot, Accumulating Snapshot

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