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who first systemized the study of bones?
In 1502, _____ stated that a human hand contained thirty bones.
Alesssandro Achillini
The human hand contains ___ wrist bones, __ palm bones, and ___ finger bones. (hint hint: numbahs)
8, 5, 14.
what type of bones are found in the extremities of the appendicular skeleton?
long bones
what type of bones are short, cube-shaped?
SHORT bones. ...-_-; what a coincidence.
bone is composed of two different types of osseous tissue: _____ and ____.
compact (dense bone) spongy (cancellous bone).
what is periosteum?
skin-like, fibrous membrane
The living components include various types of bone cells: ____, _____, ______.
osteoblasts, osteocytes, and osteoclasts.
An organic matrix composed of collagen fibers and glycoproteins is secreted by the osteoblasts. About 25 percent of this matrix is comprised of __________.
organic components.....-_-;
What is calcification?
the deposition of mineral salts in a framework formed by collagen fibers in which the tissue hardens.
what are chondrocytes?
a cell of mature cartilage
what is epiphyseal plate?
the cartilaginous plate between the end of a long bone and the shaft of a long bone.
Bone mass accounts for ____ percent of the weight of an average adult.
what is the branch of medicine that deals with bone development and bone disease?
what is a bone graft?
a piece of bone that is transplanted from one part of the human skeleton to another part of the skeleton where it is needed to improve function or strnegthen an area where bone loss has occurred.
_________________ are a revolutionary medical treatment used to combat certain cancers.
Bone marrow transplants
what is a hematopoiesis?
blood cell production which occurs in the red marrow of bones.
what is an autologous transplant?
a transplant involving tissue from the same individual or from a twin
define lymphoma
a tumor of lymphoid tissue
define allogeneric transplant.
a transplant of bone marrow from another person.
________ are non-differenciated cells that have a remarkable potential to develop into different cell types in the body.
stem cells
what is the purpose of chemotherapy?
to KEEEEEL cancer cells.
what is the most prevalent bone disease in the U.S.?
what is osteoporosis?
a debilitating disease that causes bones to decrease their density, increase their porosity, and become thinner and therefore more fragile.
osteopenia, which means _____________, is the descriptive term for a loss of bone density observed by radiologists.
"too little" bone
the average adult human skeleton contains _____(#) bones joined together by ligaments or connected to muscles by tendons.
what are the functions of the skeletal system?
support, protection, movement, hematopoiesis (brain cell formation), and mineral storage.
both red blood cells and white blood cells are manufactured in the __________ of spongy bone in the skull, ribs, sternum, clavicles, vertebrae, and pelvis and long bones.
red marrow
name some bones in the axial skeleton.
skull, spine, ribs, sternum. (76 bones)
name some bones in the appendicular skeleton.
two limb girdles, shoulders, pelvis. (contains 126 bones)
the word "ligament" is derived from a Latin word, ______, meaning band or tie.
define ligament.
dense regularly arranged connective tissue that attaches bones to other bones.
one of the most common ligamental tears occurs in the ___________, in the knee.
anterior cruciate ligament, ACL. (not LOL...... 0_0)
describe arthroscopic surgery.
involving surgery within the joint viewed by a video camera as opposed to direct visualization.
what is a ligament from a cadaver?
define tenosynovium.
the sheath that covers a tendon
define synovial joints.
fluid-filled spaces between bones that facilitate movement while other joints have little or no space and allow virtually no movement.
list the joints.
fibrous joints, cartilaginous joints, or synovial joints.
describe fibrous joints.
allow little or no movement.
no joint cavity.
describe cartilaginous joints.
held together by hyaline cartilage or fibro-cartilage.
define amphiarthrotic joints.
a slightly movable joint that does not conain a joint cavity.
diarthrotic joints.
synovial joints;
Synovial joints are further classified into the following six categories according to the type of movement they permit: ___________
gliding, hinge, pivot, condyloid, saddle, and ball-and-socket.

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