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lit MIDTERM classical authors/poets


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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
an American poet who wrote of true historical events and people most often in narrative poetry
Emily Dickinson
simple words of love, life, nature and death sometimes with deep meanings written during her social and her reclusive years
Walt Whitman
a thoughtful philosophical author who is best known for his collection, Leaves of Grass
Robert Frost
an American poet whose poems were most often set in the New England countryside
Jack London
survival literature; wilderness adventure
EE Cummings
known for the complex meaning and unusual punctuation and capitalization of his poetry
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
a British author often compared to Shakespeare
James Thurber
humorous writing of everyday life by exaggeration
Edgar Allan Poe
dark and gloomy writer of horror
TS Eliot
American who became a British citizen; won the Nobel Peace prize in literature; wrote poetry and drama
Carl Sandburg
a poet who loved to write of history and America; the first to write free verse
Alfred Lord Tennyson
British author who wrote of war and political responsibility in a bold tone; most known for "The Charge of the Light Brigade"
Mark Twain
realistic fiction; greatest American humorist of all times; changed literature

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