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Confirmation Test

Confirmation test


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What does it mean to evangelize?
to proclaim the Gospel to the worldr
What is Catholic social teaching based upon?
the common good of all humans and the dignity of each human person
What are the sacraments?
Baptism, Holy eucharist, confirmation, reconciliation, anointing of the sick, matrimony, holy orders
Who was Abraham?
The father of God's chosen people
What is spirituality?
humanity's growing and loving relationship with God
Who is the leader of our parish?
Msgr. Karl
What is the name given to objects, actions and blessing that help us grow in holiness?
Why do we belong to a parish?
to worship God and to serve others
Who was our first pope?
St. Peter
What does Ascension Thursday commemorate?
Jesus' ascension on the 40th day after Easter
What is the mystery of the Incarnation?
the mystery of God becoming human to accomplish our salvation
What is ecumenism?
unity among all christians
Who is the highest teaching authority in the Church?
the pope and the bishops
What is a covenant?
a promise with God
Who is the leader of our diocese?
Bishop Lori
Who is the patron saint of our parish?
St. Mary
What prayer summarizes the beliefs of our faith?
The Nicene Creed
What is the Holy Trinity?
the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit
What is the assumption?
mary was taken body and soul to heaven
Who is a disciple?
one who accepts Jesus' message and follows him faithfully
What is a sacrament?
an outward sign of God's grace in our lives
Who created the sacraments?
What is the Magesterium of the Church?
the living, teaching office of the Church
What was the theme of Jesus' mission on Earth?
To proclaim the kingdom of God
What is abortion and why is it against our Catholic faith?
The deliberate termination of a pregnancy. Kills the unborn child and violates the fifth commandment.
What must Catholics do during the Easter season?
Recieve Communion
What word also means "universal"?
What is our diocese?
Who appoints the bishop?
the pope
What is the catechumenate?
The process by which people are fully initiated into the Catholic Church
What three sacraments fully initiate you into the Catholic Church?
Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation
What are the spiritual works of mercy?
instructing, advising, consoling, comforting, forgiving, patiently forebaring
By what virtue are we all active members of the church?
What are martyrs?
Saints who have died for their faith
What happens at conception?
Life begins
What is the "Greatest Commandment"?
love god with your whole heart and to love your neighbor as yourself
What is sin?
Deliberate thought, word, deed or omission against God's law.
What do we celebrate on Pentecost?
The holy spirit coming to Jesus' disciples and to the whole world
Who is our present pope?
Benedict the sixteenth
Whom did Chrish come to save?
All of us
Who are the members of the Church of God?
We are all members of the Church of God
What does a missionary do?
spreads the Gospel of Jesus to others
What was Vatican 2?
it brought the church into the modern era
What two things is Jesus Christ?
God and Man
What is the Paschal Mystery?
The events of Jesus' suffering, death, resurrection and ascension
What is transubstantiation?
The bread and the wine really becoming Jesus' body and blood
What is holiness?
living in communion with God
What is the Easter Triduum?
Holy thursday, good friday, easter
What will God always offer?
Whait is the "communion of saints"
all followers of god, dead and alive
What year was the Vatican 2?
What are the two main parts of the bible?
The old testament and the new testament
Who is the leader of both our Catholic Church and is the bishop of Rome?
the pope
What is "conscience"?
The interior voice inside us that knows right from wrong
What are the corporal works of mercy?
feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned, sheltering the homeless, burying the dead
What is tradition?
the passing down of the teachings from one generation to the next
What is the Mass?
The most important act of worship in the Church
What are the primary liturgical seasons of the Church year?
Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Ordinary Time
Through who's inspiration was the bible written by?
Why does the church honor Mary?
Because she is the Mother of God

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