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Chapter 15


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Works Progress Administration
Deal jobs program
National Youth administration
Program to provide aid and jobs to young people
Social Security Act
Program that provided aid to people with disabilities and pensions for retired workers.
deficit spending
spending more money than comes in
National Labor Relations Board
Agency to regulate business
an equal or fair amount
Securities and Exchange Commission
Agency to regulate stock markets
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Insurance for savings
Tennessee Valley Authority
Regional work project of lasting value
Mary McLeod Bethune
Head of Office of Minority Affairs in NYA
New Deal Coalition
Voters from different groups that supported Democratic Party because of New Deal
Congress of Industrial Organizations
Labor union
New Deal
Franklin Roosevelt's programs to end Depression
Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933
Law created insurance for bank deposits
Federal Securities Act
Law to regulate stock information
Agricultural Adjustment Act
Programs to help farmers
National Industrial Recovery Act
Programs to help industry
The Grapes of Wrath
Novel by John Steinbeck

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