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Wing Chun Do Level 3 Yellow Sash - Physical


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Quick Draw
Non-telegraphic use of the powerline (DEMONSTRATE LINES)

1. Hand Raises to point to the target, elbow still in the pocket.
2. Elbow projects the hand 2/3 to target, body still stationary.
3. Body projects forward (converge or WCD torque) as the hand reaches the bridge.
Basic Flow Drills
1. Biu Jee to Direct Strike w/Press
2. Taun Sao/Bong-Pak/LS Qua Choie/Press Trap-CC
Taun Sao/Goang Sao/Pak Sao Exercise
Applied With Chung Choie
Pak Sao/Taun Sao
(Non-Evasive and Evasive)
Secondary May Fake
Die Jong
Downward-Palm Deflection

From Exercise CBJ, project palm-heel forward and downward 45 degrees toward lower edges of perimeter. Blend perimeter from legs.
Applied LSDD
Taun Sao, Goang Sao, Pak Sao with partner; closing down the floor.
Palm Phon Sao
Basic hand position.

Secondary raises 1 or 2 hands. Primary: double cup or cup &wu sao. ALSO transfer for consecutive traps.
Lop Sao
Drape and Jolt

INNER - 45 degrees out and down from opponent's shoulder

OUTER - 45 degrees down and toward your hip
Qua Choie (3 Positions)
Immovable Elbow

1. Same side jaw or temple
2. Bridge of the nose
3. Opposite side jaw or temple
Chop Choie
Extended Knuckle Punch -
Middle knuckle extensions of primary powerline
Jun Jeong
Floating Palm Strike
Single Biu Jee
DEMONSTRATE LINES for offensive, defensive, drawing biu Jee
Double Biu Jee
Demonstrate Proper Scissor Technique
Primary Kicks
Applied with follow-up and close & CC
Single Doan Chi
Smooth with consisten spring load/proper spring load
Double Chung Choie/Double Direct Close
against pad; short bursts;aggressive
Evasive Shadow Closing
L, R + secondary drops for shoot simulation. Primary matches height & drops to 'L' stance to withdraw rear knee. Bridge out.
Powerline Closed Bi Jong
Pushing into hands. Simultaneous extension of arm and leg to create full powerline from rear hell to lead bridge.
Spontaneous Closed Bi Jong
L, R & Reverse with Double Chung Choie Follow-up
Luk Sao Basic Positions
high and low Fook Sao, Taun Sao, Bong Sao, basic rotation

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