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A group of interacting plants and animals inhabiting a given area
Relationship between two species in which both benefit
Species richness
number of species in a given area
Trophic level
functional classification of organisms in an ecosystem according to feeding relationships, from first-level autotrophs through succeeding levels of herbivores and carnivores
species diversity
measurement that relates density of organisms of each type present in a habitat to the number of species in a habitat
Population possessing ecological dominance in an given community and thereby governing type and abundance of other species in the community
Top-down control
influence of predators on size of lower trophic levels in a food web
primary producer (autotroph)
Green plant or chemosynthetic bacterium that converts light or chemical energy into organismal tissue
Simpson's Index
A measure of the probability that two individuals randomly selected from a sample will belong to the same species
Genetic Bottleneck
Any stressful situation that greatly reduces a population
food chain
movement of energy and nutrients from one feeding group of organisms to another in a series that begins with plants and ends with carnivores, detrital feeders, and decomposers
Diversity indices
Mathematical expressions of species richness of a given community or area
species evenness (relative abundance)
Component of species diversity index, a measure of the distribution of individuals among total species occupying a given area
Bottom-up control
control influence of producers on the trophic levels above them in a food web
food web
interlocking pattern formed by a series of interconnecting food chains
Secondary producers (heterotroph)
Organisms that derive energy from consuming plant or animal tissue and breaking down assimilated carbon compounds

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