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repetition of consonants at the beginning of words, Windy Wellington the stuttering rifles rapid rattle (Wilfred Owen)
a reference to someone or something well known which will (hopefully) be recognised by the audience A certain aging rocker
something which has more than one possible meaning, creating confusion
angle of narration
first person (I), second person (you, or addressing someone), third person (he/she/they did/said), eye of God (he/she/they did/said/thought/felt)
the contrast between words or ideas (often communicated using a balanced sentence) To err is human, to forgive, divine. The enemy were few, the local people many.
words with the opposite meaning good/bad, slow/fast
repetition of identical or related vowel sounds blue tube brown cow to dream in peaceful sleep
a familiar, overused expression, can be used as emotional shorthand as good as gold. as sick as a dog.
colloquial language
everyday, casual, informal language a beaut day, this avo
comparative adjective
compares things bigger, faster, stronger
joining words and, or, but, although, nevertheless
the repetition of consonant sounds at the ends of words Is it blunt and flat? ill, shell find, send
words shortened and joined using an apostrophe cant, shouldnt, wont
direct address
speaking directly to the audience to involve them, including using second person pronoun you Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you.
opposite of euphemism, deliberately making something sound worse kicked the bucket pushing up daisies
emotive language
words chosen to appeal to the emotions, persuasive not informative Rugby is ritualised brutality.
saying something in a more polite and tasteful way He passed away. Im going to the ladies room.
Figurative Imagery
the creation of images or pictures in the audiences mind, done through literal or figurative description I am frozen.
exaggeration for emphasis I have thousands of friends. That dinner was a disaster. If Ive told you once, Ive told you a million times.
the ordering form of the verb Buy now! Listen up
words used to emphasise very, extremely, really
type of language including technical terms from a specific area RAM, hyperlink, URL (computer language) affidavit, subpoena (legal language)
can be used to emphasise a point I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.
Literal description
real, actual, straightforward description I am cold.
comparison of two unlike things, using is or does She is an angel.
the creation of new words from other words groovy, funtastic.
use of words which have sounds (when spoken) that resemble the sound that they describe hiss, buzz, pop
phrase or word which contradicts itself bittersweet alone together
statement that appears to contradict itself Stone walls do not a prison make/ Nor iron bars a cage. Lovelace
parallelism (parallel construction)
a series of phrases which have the same structure and may include some of the same words I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created e
personal pronouns
create sense of inclusion (first and second) or exclusion (third) first person I, we second person you third person he, she, they
making something that isnt alive sound like a human The sun finally decided to come out of hiding. This cupboard door doesnt seem to like me.
phatic communion -
system of establishing and maintaining social relationships, small talk (verbal and non-verbal) Nice weather.
phonoaesthetic word
word with a sound which captures something about its meaning glide, smooth, slither, dreamy
point of view
whose perspective the writing is from. Eye of God angle of narration, Jims point of view. Second person angle of narration, Reis point of view.
when a word has two meanings at once, usually to create humour (often bad humour!) The students were relieved when the new toilet block was finally built. Thats a cool fridge.
deliberate repeating of a word or idea for emphasis Only $29.95, yes, only $29.95.
rhetorical question
a question to which the answer is assumed and is not meant to be answered How many times have I told you to tidy your room? Are you willing to let a starving child die?
words that end the same but start with different sounds never and ever, mine and fine.
criticising or making fun in an unpleasantly humorous way Your generosity is exceeded only by the size of my big toe.
making fun of something important political cartoons
hissing consonant sound (s or z) And so their spirits soared like a flushed snipe escaping shot
comparison of two unlike things, using like or as She is like an angel. He was as brave as a lion.
form of speech peculiar to a particular age group (eg. teenagers) or ear (eg. Cockney Rhyming Slang) or group (eg. truckies). Thats groovy, man. I dig it. (1960s youth)
catchphrase used to advertise and identify a topic Coke is it! Just do it!
sound devices
techniques involving the use of sound rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia
superlative adjective 
indicates the most biggest, fastest, strongest
words with the same meaning nice/good, fast/quick
the mood positive, gloomy, anticipatory, nostalgic
a grouping of three Love, peace and harmony.

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