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4n051a Volume 2 CDC Study Questions


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Maslow's heirarchy of Needs theory includes elimination as a physiological need primarily because of which organ?
Shelter is a consideration that falls into which need category?
Safety and Security
What is the third level of needs on Maslow's Heirarchy?
Love and Belonging
Which need is satisfied when people are able to establish and maintain meaningful relationships?
Love and Belonging
What need relates to how others feel about you?
Self Esteem
During what stage of life does the development of stable sleep patterns occur?
During late childhood, how many words are children capable of understanding?
What ages are included in the adolescent stage?
At what stage of life does physical detiroration start?
30 Young Adult
During what stage of life do people often look back at the goals they have accomplished so far?
40-65 Middle Adult
According to Florence Nightingle's theory, with how many controllable environmental factors should medics be concerned?
What three health risk factors cannot be changed?
Heredity, Gender, Age
Explain the environmental control program.
Monitor and eliminate environmental Health Hazards
What type of community health program is designed to assess health status and provide services that assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
Health and Wellness
List three sources of protein
Meat, Fish and Poultry
What type of patient would normally be ordered a bland diet?
Ulcers, Some intestinal disorders, Gallbladder and Post-op Patients
State the purposes of ROM excercises.
Maintain and increase muscle strength and maintain Cardio
Which vitamins cannot be reproduced by the body and must be ingested daily?
What type of exercise involves taking in less oxygen than the body needs?
Intoxication dramatically affects the central nervous system. What signs make this evident?
Slurred speech, uncordination, Impaired sensory ability and behavioral changes
At what blood alcohol level is a person usually considered to be intoxicated?
Greater than 100 mg/dL
What are the four main categeries of drugs often abused?
narcotics, sedatives, CNS stimulant and Hallucinagens
Explain the function of local poison control centers
Provide up to date information and treatment guidelines for all types of drug abuse situations
Describe the normal anatomical position
Standing upright, palms facing forward and arms at the sides
What does superior mean?
located toward the head
What is the correct anatomical position of the eyes in relation to the chin?
What does proximal mean?
Located towards a given point
Describe the anatomical position of the elbow in relation to the wrist
What is the longitudinal axis?
An imaginary line that passes lengthwise down the middle
What type of movement occurs when the entire arm makes circles while stretched out to the side?
What type of movement occurs when the toes are pointed away from the face while lying supine?
Plantar Flexion
What is abduction?
Moving a body part toward the midline or medial plane
What is protraction
Moving a body part forward,away from the midline of the body
What prefixes are used to make the gram larger
Deka, Hecto, Kilo
What does centi mean?
Two Kg is equal to how many grams?
2 thousand
Six mm is equal to what portion of a meter?
6/1000 .006
One L is equal to how many hectoliters?
1/100 .01
Define the term atmosphere.
Gaseous envelope surronding the earth
What are the divisions of the atmosphere?
Troposphere, Tropopause, Stratosphere, Ionosphere and Exosphere
How does the troposphere differ from the other layers of the atmosphere?
Most weather is there and it has the greatest barometric pressure
What are the high velocity winds found in the stratosphere called?
Jet Streams
Of all the different gases in the atmoshpere, which two compromise the greatest amounts?
Nitrogen and Oxygen
What two essentials does the atmosphere provide that are necessary for life?
Pressure and Oxygen
What is barometric pressure?
Combined weight of all atmospheric gases
Matching Gas Laws:(1of4)
It can form the condition in joints that leads to altitude-induced decompression sickness.
Henry's Law
Matching Gas Laws (2of4)
Since the body's temperature remains constant, if the pressure is reduced one half, the gas in the GI tract wil increase twice its volume.
Boyle's Law
Matching Gas Laws: (3of4)
This law explains the way in which ascent to altitude induces hypoxia
Dalton's Law
Matching Gas Laws: (4of4)
Has minimal physiological significance.
Charles Law
What is the main cause of inflight noise?
Air rushing over the fuselage
Why are special alphabets and standard phrases used in aviation?
Makes information transfer safe and less fatiguing
What special test is done on pilots who have mild hearing deficits?
Inflight Test
What environmental stresses have the greatest influence on G tolerance?
Heat stress
Why do some aircrew members require special diet control?
Minimize Gas Pains
Define desyncrony
Rate at which cyrcadian rhythem is inconsistent with the enviorment
What causes desynchrony?
Time Zone Change, Light Deprivation
What is the most common cause of airsickness during pilot training?
Lack of adaption
What is the desired time frame for treating combat stress?
24-72 hours
What is usually the first emotional response to a combat or survival situation?
What is hypoxia?
Oxygen Deficiency
What is the most common type of hypoxia seen in aircrew members?
Hypoxic Hypoxia
Match the cause with the type of Hypoxia (1of7)
Histoxic Hypoxia
Match the cause with the type of Hypoxia (2of7)
Stagnant Hypoxia
Match the cause with the type of Hypoxia (3of7)
G forces
Stagnant Hypoxia
Match the cause with the type of Hypoxia (4of7)
Heart Failure
Stagnant Hypoxia
Match the cause with the type of Hypoxia (5of7)
Carbon Monoxide
Hypemic Hypoxia
Match the cause with the type of Hypoxia (6of7)
Cabin Depressurization
Hypoxic Hypoxia
Match the cause with the type of Hypoxia (7of7)
Oxygen Equipment Malfunction
Hypoxic hypoxia
What is hyperventilation?
A condition in which the respiratory rate increases abnormally, resulting in an excessive loss of carbon dioxide
Match the Cause of Hyperventialation with the situation that brings it about (1of4)
A reversing of our breathing cycle
Pressure Breathing
Match the Cause of Hyperventialation with the situation that brings it about (2of4)
Voluntarily increasing the breathing rate
Cerebral Control
Match the Cause of Hyperventialation with the situation that brings it about (3of4)
Hyperventilation resulting in hypocapnia
Cereberal Control
Match the Cause of Hyperventialation with the situation that brings it about (4of4)
Reduced oxygen tension in the lungs and blood
Match the condition with the recommended treatment (1of8)
100 percent oxygen
Match the condition with the recommended treatment (2of8)
Increased CO2 level
Match the condition with the recommended treatment (3of8)
"paper bag method"
Match the condition with the recommended treatment (4of8)
Reduce breathing rate
Match the condition with the recommended treatment (5of8)
Descent to lower altitude
Match the condition with the recommended treatment (6of8)
Positive pressure oxygen
Match the condition with the recommended treatment (7of8)
Check/Monitor oxygen equipment
Match the condition with the recommended treatment (8of8)
Correct oxygen equipment malfunctions
Decompression sickness in flight depends on what factors?
Altitude, time at altitude, rate of ascent, physical activity at altitude, age, body-build, individual ausceptibility, cabin presurization, and SCUBA diving before flying
What affect does rapid ascent have in regard to decompression sickness
The more rapid the rate of ascent, the sooner the symptoms appear
How does physical activity relate to decompression sickness?
Lowers the altitude or time threshold for all manifistations, particularly the bends
How does body fat affect an individual's tolerance to decompression sickness?
Pain associated with the bends is more sever and the likelihood of an individual encountering severe decompression sickness is greater as the proportion of body fat increases
At what altitude does the incidence of decompression sickness increase?
Above FL250 (25,000 feet)
How many hours should someon wait to fly following driving activities?
24 Hours
What are the usual sites for pain associated with bends
Larger joints of the body such as shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankles
State three factors that affect the degree of bends pain.
Excercise, time at altitude, and increased altitude
State two methods of eliminating bends pain
Increasing the total barometric pressure on the body and continuing to breathe 100 percent oxygen
Where are the bubbles that cause the chokes primarily located?
In the lungs
How does physical actiity relate to decompression sickness?
Lowers the altitude or time threshold for all manifistations, particularly the bends
How many hours should someone wait to fly following diving activities?
24 Hours
What is the treatment for chokes in flight?
Immediate descent to ground level
How do you differentiate between chokes and false chokes
Abscence of sharp substernal pain in false chokes
List at least four symptoms of neurological decompression sickness
Visual Disturbance, Dull severe headache, decreasedsensation to pain and inability to speak
How would you differentiate between the numbness and tingling of hypoxia or hyperventilation and neurological decompression sicknesss?
Unilateral instead of bilateral tingling as in decompression sickness
When can a diagnosis of vasometer manifestation, rather than simple fainting be confirmed?
If a patient does not recover within a few minutes after returning to ground level and resting in a flat position.
Where are the bubbles that cause the skin manifestation believed to be located?
Under the skin or perhaps in the nerve ending
What types of sensations are associated with skin manifestations?
Itching, hot or cold feelings, and tingling
Why is mottling a dangerous sign?
It may precede a neuro-circulatory collapse
What is denitrogenation?
Prebreathing 100-percent oxygen before exposure to low barometric pressure
Aircraft flight is restricted to what cabin altitudes?
Flt 250 (25,000 ft)or less
How has denitrogenation affected the incedence of decompression sickness in the altitude chamber
Reduced the incidence enormously
What is the maximum flying altitude when transporting a patient suffering from DCS in a helicopter or other unpressurized aircraft?
How long must someone suffering joint pain due to DCS be grounded
72 hours following complete resolution of symptoms
What does the term G force mean?
Measure of force imposed on the body linear angular and radial
What G force pushes the flyer into the seat?
Positive G
What three areas in the body are affected by positive G forces?
The whole, the viscera and the cardio vascular
What G force produces forces from foot to head?
Negative G
What G force may be characterized by a report of "red out?"
Negative G
How is the anti-G straining maneuver performed?
By vigorously tensing the leg and arm muscles and the chest and abdominal muscles during the expiratory phase against a completely closed glottis
What causes the anti-G straining maneuver to be unreliable?
It is very tiring to maintain the effort
Increasing G tolerance by counterpressure below heart level is accomplished by what device?
Anti G-Suit
What are the three sensory systems used in maintaining orientation and balance?
Visual, Vestibular and proprioceptive system
Why can't the otolith organs provide orientation information in flight?
They can't tell the difference between a tilt of the head and linear acceleration
What body organ detects rotation?
Semicurcular canals
Match the illusion with its description (1of5)
Will cause involuntary eye movement
Match the illusion with its description (1of5)
Is likely to occur when the pilot tries to return to controlled flight after a spin.
Graveyard spin
Match the illusion with its description (1of5)
Occurs when there is stimulation of two or more canals at the same time.
Coriolis illusion
Match the illusion with its description (1of5)
Occurs after a pilot returns to straight and level flight after a prolonged unintentional turn
Match the illusion with its description (1of5)
Can cause an overwhelming sensation of combined roll and dive or climb
Coriolis illusion
How many primary pruposes does the medical record serve
Who is the custodian of the military health record?
MTF commander
Who determines what information is pertinent for release in regard to a patient's medical record?
Who should medical personnel consult with in regard to laws affecting the disclosure of medical information?
What is the two digit family prefix number code for an active duty member?
What patient data must be on each document
Name, Prefix and Social Security Number
Under whose social security number is a dependent child's health record filed?
Where is the DD Form 2766, Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flow Sheet, located in the military health record
Section 1 always on top
How is the Standard Form 520 Clinical record Electrocardiographic Record filed?
Section 3 on top of DD Form 2005, Privacy act Statement
What filing system does the Air Force use for military health records?
Terminal Digit System
Which method of documentation does the AFI 46-102 designate as the approved documentation system?
Outcome orientaed nursing documentation system
Which system of documenting patient care permits the numbering of all patient problems?
Information stated by the patient pertaining to his or her condition would be documented under which poriton of a narrative SOAPP note?
Subjective Info.
Vital signs are documented under which portion of a narrative SOAPP note?
Objective Info.
What should be the outcome of PIMR?
A medically fit and ready force
What is the primary purpose fo IMR?
To provide "real-time" medical readiness assessment of IMR requirements to commanders, individuals and PCM so they can manage and optimize the readiness status of their assigned or enrolled AF personnel.
What does IMR status RED represent?
Deployment Limiting Profile
When is the HEAR reviewed for individuals on PRP?
How often are OHE's conducted?
Who is the squadron's central point of contact for PHA appointments?
Unit Health Monitor
What is the overall goal of preventive counseling?
To promote reasonable, realistic and achievable life style changes that will benefit a healthy, fit community

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