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Chapter 35 Geography Mr. Fentin


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What parts of Africa have a Mediterranean climate?
northern part of Africa along the Mediterranean Sea
What are the only mountains in Africa that compare to the mighty ranges of other continents?
Atlas Mountains north of the Sahara Desert
What were three of the cash crops that the Europeans grew on plantations?
coffee, cotton, cacao, palm products, and peanuts
Approximately how many countries are there in Africa?
over 50...actually there are 54 countries
What is the disease carried by the tsetse fly that attacks people and cattle?
sleeping sickness
Africa's oil deposits are found in the greatest amounts in what three countries?
Libya, Nigeria and Algeria
How many miles does Africa stretch from North to South?
5000 miles
This is a steep slope cappled by a nearly flat plateau
In many African cultures, a man's wealth is meaured by how many ____ he has.
What percentage of the global adult population with AIDS is in Africa?
Name the group in Africa that are short in stature, unique blood type and yellow-brown skin.
San (Bushmen)
How would you describe the population density of Cairo?
The population density of Cairo is very high with 200 people living in a square kilometer
Name Africa's four great rivers.
Nile, Niger, Zambezi, and Orange Rivers
Name two diseases that are a constant threat to Africa
Malaria and tuberculosis
In terms of area, where does Africa rank in size compared with other continents
Second largest continent in the world
What two AFrican countries were not under the rule on one European country or another by 1900?
Liberia and Ethiopia
Name this most famous ancient trading center in the dry savanna region.
When did the Europeans first arrive in Africa?
fifteenth century
Name two other deserts in Africa other than the Sahara
Namib and Libyan Deserts
Most people in Northern Africa speak what language?
Approximately how many days of rain does the climate region closest to the African equator receive?
200 days
What does Africa have little of compared with areas of the world of similar size?
fertile land
After WWII what was the first African county to achieve independence?
As a result of its current populatin growth, Africa is becoming a continent of what?
a continent of children
Besides gold and copper, name four other minerals that are important in Africa
chronium, manganese, uranium, cobalt
Carthage is found in what modern African nation?
Describe the location of the amin slave-trading ports
stretches from the southern eduge of Mauritania to the northern edge of the Namib Desert whereever there was a harbor along with a river or trail leading inland.
For whom was Lake Victoria named?
After the British Queen Victoria
Describe the location of the Nile River
Nile is longest river in world fromed by the joining of the Whte and BluNies. Thesource of the Blue River is in the highlands of Ethiopia and the source of the White Nile was in the tributaries of Lake Victoria in East Africa. These two rivers meet in Khartoum, Sudan to form the Nile River
Describe the population density int he central parts of the rain forest
Very few people live in the rain forest, so the population density is very low
In what country would you find the Serengeti Plain?
Mozambique and Madagascar are separated by what body of water?
Mozambique Channel
Much of the soil in dry regions has too much what to be agriculturally productive?
salt or lime
Name two diseases that are in Africa
AIDS and sleeping sickness carried by the tsetse fly
The Kingdom of Kush can be found in present day
This ancient city began as a village of ironworkers during the 3rd century
Great Zimbabwe
In which climate region is hunting and gathering an economic activity?
Humid Tropical
This area near the southern edge of the Sahara sometimes experiences years of drought. What is it called?
This city was a center of leaerning and culture before the Roman Empire
This river begins in a plateau edge called the Drakensberg Escarpment
Orange River
African has modern cities with skyscrapers and superhighways? True or False
True ex: Nairobi, Kenya
What climate regions have the lowest population density?
Humid Tropical
What are the major landforms in Africa?
high plateaus and wide plains with few major mountain ranges
What are the two deep troughs called that are found in the highlands of east Africa?
rift valleys
What climate region in Africa would you find near the equator?
humid tropical
What country in Africa has the most metropolitan areas with more than 2 million inhabitants?
South Africa
What did many Africans keep instead of written records
oral histories
What is the name of the African American sea captain that before he was fifteen sailed around the world with his uncle?
Captain Harry Dean
What is the name of the author of the poem, Souffles?
Birago Diop
What is the primary country in Africa dominated by highland climates?
What is the tradtional belif in nature and spiritual beings called?
What South African city is about as close to the equator as San Antonio, Texas?
What two natural events occur along the rift valleys?
Volcanoes and ????
What was the name of the explorer that traveled to West Africa exploring the upper parts of the Niger River?
Mungo Park
When European redrew the map of Africa, they did not take into consideration what three important things?
Africa's landforms
climate regions
Which West African Kingdom existed from about 1350-1600?
With what were African coastal leaders paid for their help in securing slaves?
European manufactured goods, particularly guns

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