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Opsec vunerabilities


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Define vunerability.
A weakness that can be potentially exploited by an enemy.
What is considered our weakest security link?
Define the "awe of rank".
Being impressed by rank, you divulge information without verifying need to know.
What is meant by talking shop?
Talking about matters in a public forum and potentially revealing useful information to an enemy unintentionally.
Name the two key points to think about in communicating sensitive subjects.
1-Use secure communications.
2-Do not divulge classified information to individuals with no need to know.
List some OPSEC weaknesses in the following ares: operational, administrative, and communications.
Operational - sudden schedule changes.
Administrative - Posting duty rosters in unsecure areas.
What is the overall goal of OPSEC?
To increase overall operational effectiveness.
Define critical information?
Information about friendly(US, allied and/or coalition) activities, intentions, capabilities or limitations that an adversary needs in order to gain a military, political, diplomatic or technological advantage.
Who is in the best position to develop critical information?
The individuals responsible for the operation of the operation itself best identify critical information.
Who is charged to control critical information and its indicators?
Subordinate commanders and supporting organizations.
Name the four elements of COMSEC.
Cryptosecurity,transmission security,emmision security and physical security.
Define each of the elements of COMSEC.
Crypto security - results from using technically sound crytological systems properly.
Transmission security - the component of COMSEC resulting from the application of measures designed to protect transmissions from the interception and exploitation by means other than cryptoanalysis.
Emmision security - Results from taking all measures available to deny unauthorized persons information of value that might be derived from interception and analysis of compromising emanations from crytological and information processing equipment.
Physical security - using all available physical measures available to deny or prevent unautorized persons from gaining access to or observing classified material.
Why is COMSEC important?
Safeguarding classified information and material is a continuing requirement for maintaining the effectiveness of our national defense and to conduct our foreign relations.
What is the silent war?
The attempted interception of our government's information by other countries.
State the purpose of the AF CIS Systems Security Awareness, Training, and Education program.
Designed to promote the consistent application of security principles in the use of Air Force CIS systems.
Who or what is the THIRD MAN?
Unfriendly nations intelligence officers.
How long do we have to continue SATE?
Continuously, as long as our enemies continue to try and intercept the intelligence they seek.
Name the three types of insecurities.
Personnel insecurities, physical insecuritys, cryptographic insecurities.
Define each of the three types of insecurities.
Personnel insecurities - result when COMSEC information is available to unauthorized persons through acts by individuals.
Cryptographic insecurities - result when crytographic information or plain texts of encrypted messages are available to unauthorized persons through operator error or equipment malfunction.
Physical insecurities - result when information is available to unauthorized persons through loss, theft, capture, recovery, salvage, authorized viewing, or other physical means.
What is the most dangerous security violation?
The one that goes undetected.
Who established the Information security program?
The president.
What does DOD/ISPR 5200.1 establish?
Standard policies governing classification, downgrading, declassification and safeguarding of classified information for all of the DOD components.
What is the purpose of RPP
To protect all high value or mission essential resources.
What is the first step in resource protection management?
House the workcenter in a building or room that has only one entry/exit point.
What two criteria must a person meet in order to enter a controlled area?
Qualification(determined by the installation commander) and authority(also determined by the installation commander).

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