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3C051 test set 4


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What are three types of user interfaces?
Command driven, smenu-driven, and graphical user interface.
What is a VLAN?
A logical grouping of end stations, independent physical locations, with a common set of requirements.
What are the benefits to a unit and it members of knowing the Air and Space Expeditionary Force schedule?
AEF affiliated members will know when they are in the window for deployment, when they are training, and when to be prepared for a planned rotation and to plan accordingly.
What can patterns of light transmitted through a fiber cable be translated into?
Voice, video or data, depending on the type of transmitter and receiver being used.
What is one of the main funtions of the transport layer?
It provides end to end control.
What are some of the drawbacks to ICMP pinging as a network mangement tool?
Unreliable delivery of packets, the need for polling(user intensive), limited info derived from responses.
When is the daily security check required on COMSEC material? Why is it required? Where are the results of the security inspection recorded?
At the end of the duty day. To insure COMSEC material is properly accounted for. The results of the security inspection are recorded on SF 701.
What is the style displayed on-screen that enables the user to interact with the system?
The user interface.
Define authentication.
Authentication is a measure used to verify the eligibility of the subject to access certain information.
What should be considered a critical network event?
The failure of a link, the restart of a device, or the lack of response from a host.
What is used on a physically connected network to identify network nodes.
On a physically connected network, media access control (MAC) addresses are used to identify network nodes.
When does an interrupt request occur?
An interrupt request occurs when a device is requesting service from the CPU.
What agency serves as as the Air Force executive for CIS systems integration?
What is the maximum number of users for each Fortezza card?
Each Fortezza card can contain up to 27 personalities (users), each input by the Certificate Authority Workstation operator.
Ideally, what should the avererage network utilization be?
Less than 30%.

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