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Weak areas #3


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What IRQ line number is reserved for the hard disk?
14. (Sect.-404)
What are methods to eliminate or prevent detection of Operations Security (OPSEC) indicators called?
Action controls.(Sect.-012)
What are the types of systems vulnerabilities?
Administrative and technical. (sect.-032)
What characteristic of UNIXâ„¢ allows many users to work simultaneously on the same computer system by sharing its resources?
Additional Notes: 411
What section of the Linuxâ„¢ System Manual contains the file formats?
Correct answer: 5.
Additional Notes: 422
What is not part of a requirements justification statement?
Correct answer: Cannibalization ability.
Additional Notes: 222
In the Public Key Infrastructure, who verifies user requests for digital certificates?
Correct answer: Registration authority.
Additional Notes: 214
Which class of certification requires the user to personally appear before a certificate management authority (CMA), or an agent approved by a CMA, and present an official photo ID, such as a military ID card?
Correct answer: 3.
Additional Notes: 218
What two types of environments are network operating systems implemented upon?
Correct answer: Peer to peer and client server.
Additional Notes: 621
Who approves or disapproves hardware maintenance below the line replaceable unit (LRU) level?
Correct answer: HQ USAF/ILM.
Additional Notes: 221
What type of network server is dedicated to an intensive application or database?
Correct answer: Member servers
Additional Notes: 804
AFI 33-211, COMSEC Users Handbook, directs the COMSEC responsibility officer to answer write-ups found during an inspection within what time period until the write-up is cleared?
Correct answer: 60 days.
Additional Notes: 212
Which type of virus changes the configuration of the system, thus causing errors in the boot process to include a compete freeze of the system?
Correct answer: AntiCMOS.
Additional Notes: 427
Who do you notify upon finding an improperly marked classified document?
Unit security manager.
What alarm browser category indicates if an alarm is related to other alarms?
Correct answer: Cor.
Additional Notes: 812
On the SF-153 is the transfer voucher number is placed in block number
Correct answer: 4.
Additional Notes: 206
Which of the following is not a purpose for correctly marking classified documents?
Correct answer: It ensures only people with a need to know will have access to it.
Additional Notes: 020

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