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What is the first logical step in network troubleshooting?
Define the main problem.
What is the maximum time between Emergency Action Plan exercises at COMSEC responsibility officers' accounts?
6 months.
What part of the CPU does all the computing?
The IEEE 802.5 standard was developed to cover what LAN topology?
Token ring.
What diagnostics command is used exclusively on Windows NT machines?
What factor about the Linuxâ„¢ operating system is demonstrated by each new version of the operating system being rapidly viewed and tested by thousands of programmers world wide?
Which class of certification requires the user to personally appear before a Certificate Management Authority (CMA), and present two forms of identification or credentials?
What UNIXâ„¢ command displays a list of the login names of users logged onto the system, along with the user's complete name?
What is one of the most common types of hardware devices used for network troubleshooting?
Loopback plug.
What training aid allows you to do training in-house on all the functions in the information's systems flight?
What type of mask is used within a network that uses the same amount of bits for masking for all subnetworks?
Standard mask.
What type of network problem(s) is caused by collisions on the domain?
High utilization or jabbers
Who is the Air Force focal point for design and construction of facilities containing radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding?
What type of optic fiber is used to span extremely long distances?
Single mode.
To create a digital signature, the private-key cryptography operation requires
a fixed-size input and computes a fixed-size output.
What ASIM vulnerability category is a probing attack in the form of a Finger probe, FTP breakout, anonymous FTP, Telnet breakout or RFC?
Category IV.
Who issues a COMSEC incident a case number and determines when to close the case?
Air Force Communications Agency (AFCA).
What network device performs rigorous examinations of systems to identify weaknesses that might allow security violations?
Vulnerability scanners
In what step of the Barrier Reef process do you start a Base Network Steering Group?
Determine requirements
Resource protection program reviews are often accomplished by
unit controlled area monitor.
Operations Security (OPSEC) weaknesses tend to fall into what three broad categories?
Operations, administrative, and communications.
How many different categories of information does the performance monitor provide you about your network?
What is a web-based process that incorporates identification and evaluation of new vulnerabilities disseminates technical responses and tracks compliance within the DoD community?
How many users are in a multi-server network?
In what type of key cryptography are keys so different, that it would be possible to publicize one without danger of anyone being able to derive or compute the other?
Asymetric cypher.
Which form can be considered a daily physical security inventory of your environment?
From what level can all other command modes be accessed?
Privileged Exec level.
In which layer of the OSI model do you find database management programs and electronic mail?
What is used as a segment disposition record of accessed and destroyed multiple keytape?
When a volume is formatted with NTFS, what group is automatically assigned full control permission to the volume?
Everyone group.
At what layers of the OSI model do switches work?
Data link and network.
What network policy is a combination of user and computer settings that control a user's working environment?
System policies
Who do you notify upon finding an improperly marked classified document?
Unit security manager.
In what Windows NT System directory is the profiles directory located?
Most bases require a network password to be at least how many characters long?
Recertification/Accreditation on systems with no changes to the baseline are accomplished at a maximum of
36 months.
What memory stores things like the current time and date, type and number of disk drives, and the total amount of memory available to the CPU?
In what category does a programming language fit that operates by a sequence of commands and changes the value of data elements?
Imperative language.
What does Network Security work to ensure about a network?
Availability, confidentiality and integrity of data.
The element of communications security (COMSEC) resulting from applying all available measures designed to protect information systems traffic from interception and exploitation is
transmission security.
Network management protocols are designed (in most cases) to reside above what layer of the OSI model?
The minimum amount of time required to gain job experience before attending 7-level school is
18 months.
The term used when referring to specific COMSEC material (other than equipment) is COMSEC
When was the present Operations Security (OPSEC) program established?
Disposition records and/or destruction reports are not required for material that has been issued to
transient aircrews.
Where are original SF 153 hand-receipts maintained?
COMSEC manager's replica of the CRO's 6-part folder.
What does a station specifically send when it sends a general request through the network asking any station to respond in order to receive the token?
Solicit successor frame.
On the SF-153 is the transfer voucher number is placed in block number
Who handles the day-to-day operations of the base (Communications Sq) account?
COMSEC accountants.
What operational SNMP message is used to modify the value of one or more instances of management information?
What type of switch reads the first 64 bytes before forwarding the frame?
Fragment free.
What are the months of responsibility for Air and Space Expeditionary Forces 9 and 10?
Sept through Nov.
What action identifies options for minimizing the effects of detected or predicted faults?
Fault correction
What form do we use to annotate storage media has been sanitized?
Standard Form 711.
What software program protects classified data by erasing it from the disk so that it is unrecoverable?
What routing stability feature is used to prevent regular update messages from inappropriately reinstating a route that has gone bad?
Hold downs.
What prevents a router from sending route information back to the router from which it came?
Split horizons.
What layer in the OSI reference model adds a trailer to the packet?
Data link layer.
What do we call a set of subnets that are connected with routers?
In most cases the frequencies used by wireless networks are in what frequency band?
Who assists organizations in obtaining new communications and information capabilities through equipment purchases?
Communications and information systems officer (CSO).
What is the last step in file management?
Archiving files.
What is measured to determine the level of network service provided to the users?
The total response time, rejection rate, and availability of the network.

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