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What is the last step in file management?
Archiving files.
What type of switch reads the first 64 bytes before forwarding the frame?
Fragment free.
When a volume is formatted with NTFS,what group is automatically assigned full control permission to the volume?
The everyone group.
Light signals in a fiber optic cable can travel distances in excess of how many miles before they need to be boosted?
In what dynamic routing protocol must packets go the complete distance before discovering the destination is unreachable?
Distance vectoring.
What methods are used to eliminate or prevent detection of operations security indicators called?
Action controls.
Who in the AF is focal point for design and construction of facilities containing RFI and EMI?
What layer of the OSI reference model adds a trailer to the packet?
Data link layer.
What form do we use to annotate storage media has been sanitized?
Standard form 711
What is a feature of networking that enables individuals to designate resources they want other users to be able to access the network calledd?
What establishes a person's right to access and need to know classified info?
An access list.
What class of computer is primarily optomized for data movement?
What device provides a capability for digital networks diagnostics and developing communications software?
Protocol analyzer.
Look at the back of an AFCOMSEC form 16 during an inspection of an account to
check if the COMSEC responsible officer is inspecting the forms for accuracy.
What IRQ line number is reserved for the hard disk?
What command is used to restrict access to the Privledged Exec Mode?
Enable password.
The IEEE 802.3 standard describes a LAN using what kind of topology?
Within the 3 tiers of the DoD CERT, what tier addresses new vulnerabilities that do not pose an immediate threat to DoD systems, but are significant enough that noncompliance with the corrective action could escalate the threat
After completing the COMSEC inventory, the original copy of the voucher goes to the
Cryptologic Systems Group (CSGP)
To ensure COMSEC responsibility officers are complying with applicable directives and accounting for the COMSEC material under their control, the COMSEC manager is required to inspect their accounts at least
The Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) was designed specifically for use with what other algorithm?
The Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA)
Who establishes the Air Force computer system management working group (CSMWG)?
What is the maximum number of different actions that can be accomplished on a single SF 153?
The controlling authority.
What is the last step in removing a virus?
Rechecking the entire system for the virus.

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