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4n051a Volume 1 CDC Study Questions


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Who has responsibility to maintain individual health and fitness?
Every Airmens
List three health services activities?
Health Surveillance, Risk Assesment and Aero Medical Evacuation.
With changes in national security strategy, the Air Force mission has shifted from European or Asian theater of war scenarious to what?
Multiple less predictable regional conflicts
What four key areas are part of the USAFMS mission?
Mission Statement, Vision, Values, Goals
Which value does "being a man or woman of our word, honest in all that you do" best define?
Apporiximately how many new 4n31 personnel are trained each year?
Which value is upheld when you stay with a job unitl it is completed
To which higher position does a command surgeaon have a staff responsibility?
MajCom Commander
What type of medical flight is found within the OMG?
Functional Flights
Which member of the group staff is responsible for establishing and maintaning external organizational relationship
Who is responsible for working with the flight SNCO/NCO to ensure a cohesive team focused on patient care?
Flight Chief
For whom do MAJCOM medical service functional managers usually directly work?
Command Nurse
Which of the five figures in an AFSC identify the career field family withing the career group?
Who are the two sub-specialty shredouts of AFSC 4NOX51?
4nox1a (Allergy/Immunization Tech) and 4nox1b (Neurology Tecnician)
When selected for the Airman Education and Commissioning Program, what is the maximum time permitted by the Air Force for degree completion?
3 yrs
How are all hospital activities grouped in MEPRS?
According to type and section
What is a manpower authorization?
A funded manpower requirment
What tool is used to list the actual people assigned to a work center?
UPMR Unit Personnel Management Roster
What facility work centers must develop and manage budgets?
All Sections
List the six factors that should be considered regarding cost analysis.
1. Keeping an eye on the budget throughout the year
2. Being aware of all spending
3. Planning ahead for potenttial expenses, including replacement of or new equipment requirements.
4. Researching the historical record of spending for the section.
5. Staying informed of potential mission changes that may increase expenses.
6. Being aware of potential workload increases or decreases.
Explain how most accidents and injuries can be avoided.
Common sense, having an awareness of your surroundings, and being completely famiiar with the equipment and procedures used to treat patients
Briefly explain the AFOSH program.
Includes all safety, fire prevention, and health activities that affect the safety and Health of Air Force Personnel
What is the requirement for an electrical plug in hospital use?
Must be approved 3 wire cord with approved hospital grade male and female plugs
Who often serves as the supply custodian for a duty section?
What is a controlled medical item?
Expendable item or medical material item that, because of its susceptibility to misuse and theft, requires special accounting, storage, shipment and issue precautions
What is the MEMO?
A funcion element within each base medical logistics activity responsible for managing medical and nonmedical equipment at each MTF
What form is used when initiating an equipment transfer action?
Form 601
What type items valued at $55,000 requires a report of survey if lost?
All items
How often is the activity issure/turn-in summary produced?
Each Month
What type of action is recorded in the activity issue/turn in summary?
all items issued to or turned in by a section
How often is the backorder report produced?
If an item listed on the backorder report is no longer needed, which activity attempts to cancel the order with the supplier?
Custodians inform medical logistics
When can a completed AF Form 601 be destroyed?
After the action appears on the report listings
Who usually determines when training for a member is needed?
What are five examples of job specific training requirements?
CPR, NREMT, Qualification Training Packages, Unit Specific Training, Duty Section Training
Where is the MTL maintained?
In the MTP/Duty Section
Where should all individual counseling sessions regarding training progress be documented?
Members Training Record
Who does a supervisor work with to ensure all criteria are met when initiating a skill level upgrade action for a member?
Unit Training Manager
How does a CFETP become official once the content has been established?
Voted on by the MAJCOM functional managers, approved by the career field manager, and endorsed by the USAF Surgeon General
How often does the Air Force require each specialty to review and update the CFETP?
How many major parts are included in the CFETP?
Where can the STS be found in the CFETP?
Part II Section A
Where can information pertaining to the six part folder be found in the CFETP?
Part II Section F
Where is locally required training and skills competency documented in the six-part folder?
Part I Section A
Where is the CFETP maintained in the six-part folder?
Part II Section B
Where is documentation for QTP training maintained in the six-part folder?
Part III Section B
Where is the inservice training documented in the six part folder?
Part III Section C
What does part 5 of the six-part folder contain?
AE or ANG/AFRC sustainment training information
Describe Autonomy
Respect for others; recognizing the right of individuals to make their own decisions
What two things does the scope of practice, as defined by the STS, permit
Identifies those skill technicians are permitted to and should perform, and skills that should not be performed if the skill is not listed in the STS
How can patients assist in a facility's quality improvement process?
Informing patient advocates of questions comments and complaints pertaining to the health care facility
What must be developed by each MTF regarding the use of chaperones?
A local policy
What important obstacle should be avoided when discussing death with small children?
What legal term is used to describe negligence by a professional?
Making a photograph of a patient available to the public without the patient's consent is what type of violation?
Before obtaining informed consent, what details must be explained to the patient?
Reason, how, who, risks, expectations, and negative effects
What does a DNR order prohibit?
Pulmonary or Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
What is the unique feature of a durable power of attorney?
Designates someone else to be the decision maker in the event they become unable
What are the four phases of a helping relationship?
Pre-interactive, Introductory, Working and Termination
What are the six barriers to effective communication?
Language, digressing, giving opinions as facts, talking too much, mot paying attention and illness
What are two ways to practice effective time management?
Delegate and Share responsibilities
What are the stages of the grieving process?
Why does a cultural background often bring satisfaction to an individual?
It gives a sense of pride and safety through connection
List the seven habits of a successfull PCM team
Proactive,customer focused,managing a panel,instilling the habit of prevention, working as a team member, seeking information to help focus and communicating
List the responsibilities of the aerospace medical service technician
Perform basic physical exams, history taking and patient counseling, order labs and x-rays, follows protocols established by the provider, coordinates patient follow-up appointments, ensures medical records and forms are up to date, prepares patient for provider exams and or procedures and is a patient educator
Which PCM team member is known as the informatin expert?
The Health Service Management Technician
Explain how to verify beneficiary elegibility
Designated MFP personnel confirm the patient's identity and verify entitlement by performing a DEERS and ID check. Individuals requuesting care must show satisfactory evidence of their beneficiary status (i.e., a valid ID card and a DEERS eligibility check). Children under age 10 must be enrolled in DEERS, but they don't need their own ID cards
Explain the treatment process for an individual who has questionable eligibility for routine care
Competent Medical Authority should perform risk assessment. If there is a possibility of risk either to the patient or the Air Force, treat the patient
Explain the process on an individual who has questionable elegibility but needs emergent care.
Always provide care first and then determine eligibility after treatment
List five functions of CHCS?
patient registration,Laboratory,Radiology,Results Reporting etc. (14 Total)
What does CHCSII support
Force Health Protection, populaton Health and MHS organization
What does DEERS function as?
Repository and as a database of record
What is the overall strategy of population health management?
Focusing foremost on managing the health of a population for optimum health is the ultimate goal
What is consumer training?
Training to enhance the consumer skills involved in the use of healthcare services, resources, and products
What are the goals of condition management?
Ensure fit and ready troops, ensure profeciency, Integrate with the community
Explain the KG-ADs.
It sends ADSI directly to server which creates the Standard Ambulatory Data Record

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