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Final Notes Hist 1302


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What was the "Grand Alliance?"
USA, USSR, Britain
How did Roosevelt refer to Stalin while he was in the Grand Alliance?
Uncle Joe
What was the Yalta Conference
At Stalin's summer home; he was to liberate Europe ->put up Communist gv'ts instead
What was a nation supposed to do to join the UN?
Declare war on Germany
How did Winston Churchill refer to the spread of Communism in Europe?
the iron curtain
What was the Marshall Plan?
Money given to Europe to rebuild
Who were the leaders of N/S Vietnam?
N: Kim, S: Rhee
Over what years was the Vietnam war fought?
What occurred in the first Indo-China War?
Ho Chi Minh led Vietminh against the French in a guerilla war, US supported 2/3 cost, Dien Bien Phu, Geneva Accords
What was the battle of Dien Bien Phu?
French parachuted in 10k men, wanted US back-up and was denied => surrender
What was the Geneva Accords?
French pulled out, Laus, Cambodia and 'Nam created, divided 'Nam
Who were the leaders of N/S Vietnam in the 1st Indo-CHina War?
N:Democratic Republic of Vietnam (Ho); S:Diem
What occurred in the Second Indo-China War?
US entered the war, Tonkin Gulf Incident, Rolling Thunder
Who were the N/S Vietnam leaders in the 2nd Indo-CHina War?
N: National Liberation Front, Vietcong; S: US
How many troops were sent to Vietnam and how?
Eisenhower 2k, JFK 16k; they were "advisors"
Who was the counter-insurgence?
US men in "green burets" above average intelligence
What was Rolling Thunder?
Navy and Army to bomb N Vietnam

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