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MIS information system


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Digital subscriber line (DSL)
A special phone service connection available to customers within 3 miles of the phone company's switch. It provides about 1 Mbps transmission speed for Internet connections.
Descriptions of a system, its components, the data, and records of changes made to the system.
Digital cash
An electronic version of money that is provided and verified by a trusted third party. It consists of an encrypted number for a specified value that can only be used one time. It provides for verifiable and anonymous purchases using networks.
Dial-back modem
A special modem placed on a central computer. When a user attempts to log in, the dial-back modem breaks the connection and calls back a predefined phone number. Its use minimizes the threat of outsiders gaining access to the central computer.
Diagnostic situations
Spotting problems, searching for the cause, and implementing corrections. Examples include responding to exception reports to identify problems and potential solutions, and determining why the latest marketing approach did not perform as well as expected.
Domain name server
A computer on the Internet that converts mnemonic names into numeric Internet addresses. The names are easier for humans to remember, but the computers rely on the numeric addresses.
Drill down
To use an information system to get increasingly detailed data about a company. In an enterprise information system, the ability to look at overall company data, then select breakdowns by regions, departments, or smaller levels.
Distribution channel
Products are rarely distributed directly from the manufacturer to the final customer. There are layers of distributors in between. If a producer can gain control over a this means of getting the product to the consumers, the producer can prevent new rivals from entering the industry. Improved communication systems offer the possibility of eroding control over some distribution channels.
Digital video disk (DVD)
A digital format primarily used for storing video and movies. However, it can also hold audio and traditional computer data. One side of the disk can hold over 3 gigabytes of data.
To transfer files from a remote computer to a local computer (usually a personal computer). See also Upload
The property of an iterative model where successive computations keep leading to larger values (in magnitude). The model never reaches a stable solution. Generally due to insufficient or incorrect feedback mechanisms

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