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General Science module 1


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A branch of study dedicated to the accumulation and Classification of observable facts in order to formulate general laws about the natural world.
A primitive form of paper, made from a long-leafed plant of the same name.
Spontaneous generation
The idea that living organisms can be spontaneously formed from non-living substances.
There were 3 lessons from the history of science that I specifically mentioned in the text. What are they?
a.scientific evidence should only be supported on itself rather than on the scientists themselves
b.scientific progress depends not only on scientiists, but it also depends on government and culture progresses by building on the works of previous scientists
Who was Imhotep?
He was a man that was renowned for his knowledge of medicine. People traveled from all over the Middle East to visit him hoping that he would cure their illness.
Although the ancient Egyptians had incredibly advanced medical practices for their time, we do not consider them scienctist. Why not?
Who were Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes?
Thales-studied the heavens and tried to develop a unifying theme that would explain the movement of the heavenly bodies(the planets and stars)
Anaximander-was actually a pupil of thales. he was much more interested in the study of life,however.
Anaximenes-was an associate of anaximander.He believed that air was the most basic substance in nature.
Leucippus and his student Democritus are remembered for what idea?
They are best remembered for the father of atomic theory.
Who came up with the idea of spontaneous generation?
Who first came up with a large-scale classification scheme for living creatures?
What is the main difference between the Ptolemaic and the Coperican System? Which is more correct?
The Ptolemaic system-the earth sits at the center of the universe and does not move.
The Copernican system-the sun sits at the center of the universe and does not move.

The Copernican system
What was the main goal of alchemists?
Find the means by which lead could be transformed into gold
Why don't we consider Alchemist to be scientist?
What was the main reason that science progressed near the end of the Dark Ages?
Who is considered to be the first modern scientist and why does he deserve the honor?
Imhotep-because he found out how to cure some illnesses.

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