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Irregular Verb Conjugations


undefined, object
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I have
tu as
you have
il a
he, it has
nous avons
we have
vous avez
you have
ils ont
they have
I had
tu avais
you had
il avait
he, it had
nous avions
we have
ils avaient
they had
I will have
tu auras
you will have
il aura
he, it will have
nous aurons
we will have
vous aurez
you will have
ils auront
they will have
I would have
tu aurais
you would have
il aurait
he, it would have
nous aurions
we would have
vous auriez
you would have
ils auraient
they would have
je fais
I am doing, do
tu fais
you are doing, do
il fait
he is doing, does
nous faisons
we are doing, do
vous faites
you are doing, do
ils font
they are doing, do
je ferai
i will do
tu feras
you will do
il fera
he, it will do
nous ferons
we will do
tu fis
you did, made
il fit
he did, made
nous fîmes
we did, made
vous fîtes
you did, made
ils firent
they did, made
done, made
doing, making
je sais
I know
tu sais
you know
il sait
he knows
nous savons
we know
vous savez
you know
ils savent
they know
je saurai
I will know
tu sauras
you will know
il saura
he will know
nous saurons
we will know
vous saurez
you will know
ils sauront
they will know
je saurais
I would know
tu saurais
you would know
il saurait
he would know
nous saurions
we would know
vous sauriez
you would know
ils sauraient
they would know
found out
je sus
I knew
tu sus
you knew
il sut
he knew
nous sûmes
we knew
vous sûtes
you knew
ils surent
they knew
je vois
I see
tu vois
you see
il voit
he sees
nous voyons
we see
vous voyez
you see
ils voient
they see
je verrai
I will see
tu verras
you will see
il verra
he will see
nous verrons
we will see
vous verrez
you will see
ils verront
they will see
je verrais
I would see
tu verrais
you would see
il verrait
he would see
nous verrions
we would see
vous verriez
you would see
ils verraient
they would see
je vis
I saw
tu vis
you saw
il vit
he saw
nous vîmwes
we saw
vous vîtes
you saw
ils virent
they saw

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