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Grammar : Chapter 22


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A verb is in the active voice when...
it's subject performs the action
A verb has 4 principle parts...
present, present participle, past, and past participle
show the different principle parts of talk.
present; present participle; past; past participle
talk; (am)talking; talked; (have) talked
the past and past participle of a regular verb are formed by...
adding -ed or -d to the present form
with an irregular verb the past and past participle are not formed by
adding -ed or -d to the present form.
a form of a verb that shows time of action or state being
a list of the singular and plural forms of a verb in a particular tense
to conjugate the progressive forms of a verb...
add the present participle of the verb to a conjugation of the basic forms of "be"
a verb form that shows whether or not the subject is performing the action
a verb is in the passive voice when...
it's subject does not perform the action
passive verb
is always a verb phrase made from a form of "be" plus a past participle
use the active voice
whenever possible
use the passive voice to...
emphasize the receiver of an action rather than the performer of the action
Use the passive voice to point out...
the receiver of an action when the performer is unknown or unimportant and is not named in the sentance

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