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Advanced Nutrition 2-Exam 2


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If one wishes to consume some isoflavones for possible cancer risk reduction, one would select
soy milk
1 cup of soymilk equals how many isoflavones?
How many cups of soymilk is enough in a day for a good level of isoflavones?
Carotenoids can be what colors?
Orange, yellow, red, and green.
Certain nuts like almonds contain all eight major forms of Vitamin E. True or false?
Carotenoid colors can be hidden by what?
Green cholorphyll
Which of the following food chemicals are carotenoids? lycopene, isoflavone, sulforaphane
Sulforaphane is high in broccoli. True or false.
Sulforaphane is an
What induces hepatic detoxifying enzymes?
Sulforaphane can reduce the risk for several human cancers and lower the risk for what?
H. pylori induced gastric ulcers.
Tocotrienols are structural variants of what vitamin?
Vitamin E
Nutrients called lignans are
A major dietary source of lignans is what? It reduces cancer risk.
Are phytoestrogen supplements a safe way to obtain these nutrients?
No-may be toxic!
Red grape juice is a high what food?
ORAC-oxygen radical absorbance capacity
Which chemical below is not a carotenoid? lutein, canthaxanthin, resveratrol, zeaxanthin, lycopene
Resveratrol is what
A phytoestrogen, specifically a stillbene
Do plant sterols have similar structures to cholesterol?
Plant sterols
can interfere with cholesterol absorption and are present in certain margarine.
Allicin can be found in what?
Phytochemicals in Brassica vegetables increase production of cellular phase-2 enzymes thereby reducing the risk for certain cancers. True or false?
Some carotenoids can form what vitamin in human metabolism?
Vitamin A
For the older individual, the properly worded recommendation for sodium intake per day is less than what?
Transketolase activation is used to determine the nutritional status for
Vitamin B1-thiamin
What nutrients lead to hypochromic microcytic anemia?
pyridoxine(B6), iron, copper
Activation of osteocalcin is related to
Vitamin K
The body can convert some carotenoid forms into what vitamin?
Vitamin A
Ascorbic acid reduces OR oxidizes inorganic iron allowing a more efficient absorption into the gut cell?
What vitamin plays a key role in transamination?
pyridoxine (B6)
What nutrients work with superoxide dismutase (SOD) in protecting the body from damage caused by the superoxide radical?
zinc/copper (cytosol) and manganese (mitochondrial)
Transketolase activation is used to estimate nutritional status for...?
Nutrient that functions in antioxidant pathways by activating an important antioxidant exzyme that breaks down peroxides...
selenium-gluathione peroxidase
Help promote normal bp?
potassium, magnesium, calcium
Adolsterone can enhance loss of what nutrient which therefore increases it's dietary need?
potassium (sodium/water retention, potassium loss)
What glycoprotein serves as a transporter of copper?
ceruloplasmin (or ferroxidase)
Upper level for ascorbic acid?
Lipoic acid
functions is decarboxylation reactions AND functions in antioxidant pathways AND is a fatty acid derivative
What are some examples of phytoestrogens?
lignans, isoflavones, stilbenes (like resveratrol)
Phytoestrogens should be supplemented, true or false?
false-can be toxic
Brassica foods can supply significant levels of?
Thiamin (B1) function
make ATP through oxidative decarboxylation
Thiamin (B1) main coenzymes
TDP (thiamin diphospahte)
Thiamin (B1) deficiency
Thiamin (B1) main assessment tool
Thiamin (B1) RDAs
1.1 mg and 1.2 mg

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