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World History and Geography 1


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Kingdom that spearheaded the efforts to unite Italy

Nationalist leader who founded young Italy and who helped set up a revolutionary republic in Rome in 1849
Constitutional monarch of the Kingdom of Sardinia
Victor Emmanuel II
Nation that helped Sardinia capture territory from Austria in a war in 1859

Leader of France who helped the Kingdom of Sardinia
Napoleon III
Nationalist leader who recruited the Red Shirts, turned over Naples and Sicily to the kingdom of Italy

The Italian nationalist movement was called...
Territory that Italy acquired as a result of being a Prussian ally during the Austro-Prussian War (7 Weeks War)
Territory Italy acquired as a reward for staying out of the Franco-Prussian War
Term for when people leave your country to move to another. This movement of people was an important safety value for the pressures being placed upon Italy due to its population explosion.
Shrewd politician who brought about Italian unification, became the prime minister of the kingdom of Sardinia in 1852
Person who wants to abolish all government

Tried to strengthen his empire by granting a new constitution
Fancis Joseph
Helped work out a compromise that led to the duel monarchy of Austria-Hungary (7 Weeks War)
Ferenc Deak
Was called \"the sick man of Europe\"
The Ottoman Empire
Ottoman territories in southeastern Europe became known as the ____ due in part to infighting between nationalities.
Balkan Powder Keg
How was nationalism causing trouble for the Austrian Empire?
Ethnic groups wanted control
How did Balkan Nationalism contribute to the decline of the Ottoman Empire?
The ethnic groups fought.
Alexander II issued a decree that led to the _____ of the serfs
_____(massacre) was one of the main causes for the Revolution of 1905
Bloody Sunday
Document issued by Nicholas II that promised freedom of speech and Assembly (Duma)
October Manifesto
Underlying causes for the Revolution of 1905...
Ethnic groups
Peasants want land
Liberals want Constitution and elected Legislature
Repressive government (russification)
Russia doing poorly in the war

Realistic policies based on the need of the state (may mean screw idealism)
the second empire of Germany. (Heir to the Holy Roman Empire)
The Second Reich
Take control of
First served Prussia as diplomat in Russia and France, became Prime Minister and within a decade, became Chancellor. \"Blood and Iron\" Unite German states under Prussian rule. Master of Realpolitik
Otto von Bismarck
Emperor of Germany
How did the emperor and his chancellor retain power in the new Herman government?
The Bundesrat (Upper house) was controlled by rulers, and could veto decisions made by the Reichstag, or lower house elected by male suffrage.
Bismarck wanted France to stay weak and isolated while building strong links with Austria/Russia. Respected British navy, but did not try to compete. Ruthless methods sought to erase local loyalties and crush opposition to imperial state. All of this e
Iron Chancellor
\"Battle for Civilization\" 1871-1878. Make Catholics put loyalty to state above loyalty to the Church. Supervise Catholic education and approve appointment of priests. Got rid of some religious orders.
Called for parlimentary democracy/laws to improve conditions for working class. Formed in late 1800\'s by German Marxists
Social Democratic Party
Succeeded his grandfather as Kaiser, confident in his abilities. in 1890, asked Bismarck to step down. Believed his right to rule came from God. Resisted Democratic Reforms.
William II
Why did Bismarck try to crush the Catholic Church and Socialist?
He thought they stood in the way of a unified imperial German state.
Who is the person most responsible for the creation of the new Herman Empire?
Did the creation of a unified Germany help maintain the balance power in Europe, or did it upset it?
In 1848, there was an attempt to create a unified Germany under which type of government... Monarchy or democracy?
Bismarck was asked about what the common Prussian citizen wanted... Bismarck said there were four things... What were they?
Bread, work, prestige, and, above all, ORDER
What does Bismarck want done over the objections of the king and General von Moltke concerning Paris
Keep Shelling Paris
Devotion and loyalty to one\'s own nation. Patriotism

The belief that an ethnic group has a right to statehood.

What are negative effects of Nationalism?
Possible rebellion, guerrilla wars, terrorism.

Belief that citizenship in state should be limited to one ethnic group. Ethnic cleansing, genocide, forced cultures

Obstacles to German Unification
North South
Religion Protestant Catholic
Econ Base More Indust. More Ag
Pop More Pop Less Pop

Wars of German Unification
1864 Prussia/Austria+Denmark
1866 7 weeks war
1870 Franco-Prussian war

Obstacles to Italian Unification
Nation of Austria owns everything but Sardinia

Economic base (north richer south poorer)

Religious divide (north Protestant, south catholic)

Government (Theocracy/republic/limited monarchy, strong monarchy)

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