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What church has 7 sacramental rites?
How do you baptize a catholic baby"
Water on forehead
I baptize you in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit
Eucharist is given when?
At easter and when dying
When do Catholics fast?
Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Lent Fridays
Do Catholics divorce?
No but annulment is OK
What is the difference between Catholics and Episcopalians
Episcopalians don't recognize pope. Private confession is voluntary.
Lutherans believe:
Christ is both god and Man - Communion - Christ is actually present
Friends (Quakers)
No ministers. Members of the meeting meet spiritual needs
Christian Scientists can see what kind of doctors?
immunizations, dentists, eye doctors, orthopedists and obstetricians
Circumsion is OK
Mormons do or don't practice baptism.
Don't (at least for infants).
Which religion anoints with olive oil?
Which religion does not believe in deathbed repentance?
What's the special bath in Judaism
Does Judaism permit abortion?
To save the life of the mother
What happens when a Jewish person dies?
Will have someone with them at all times, and body is not left alone after death. All body parts must be returned to the body for burial, preferably before sundown.
Which group can only eat divided hoof animals?
What does ISLAM stand for?
Peace submission and obedience to ALLAH
What do muslims need for prayer?
Prayer rug and water for ritual washing
In Islam, When the patient is very ill, does the family discuss death?
NPO needs to be explained to which group?
Which group uses no embalming or caskets?
What is Brahma
What is Vishnu
preserver and god
What is Siva?
The destroyer
What are the religious texts of the Hindus?
Upanishads and Vedas
Which group has the triple treasure
Buddha does what?
Dharma is what?
Buddhist teaching
What is the Sangha in buddhism?
Those who follow, save and tend the truth forward
The 4 noble truths deal with what?

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