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Bio 112 Lab test (worms)


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What phylum is flatworms in
Phylum Platyhelminthes
Which phylum is the class turbellaria in
Phylum Platyhelminthes
Which phylum is the class Trematoda in
Phylum Platyhelminthes
What phylum is the class Cestoda in
Phylum Platyhelminthes
What class is the planarian in
Class Turbellaria
What class are flukes in
Class Trematoda
What Class are tapeworms in
Class Cestoda
What phylum are roundworms in
Phylum Nematoda
What phylum are the rotifers in
Phylum Rotifera
IN what habitats can you find flatworms?
aquatic, moist terrestrial, or parasitic
What type of symmetry does flatworms have
The tissues of flatworms are derived from what germ layers
endoderm ectoderm mesoderm
Flatworms have what kind of body cavity
This is a head with sense organs
What are lateral projections of the head that are organ sensitive to touch (in the planarians)
WHAT is the function of the eyespot in the planarians
Are planarians monoecious or dioecious
What is another word for when lost body part are gradually replaced
Flukes are small, leaf-shaped ____________ forms with complex life cycles
parasitic flatworms
Where are flukes usually found
found internally in vert.
Another word for a covering that covers the surface of the body (found in flukes)
What is the final host of the human liver fluke
golden carp
How does the fluke attack itself to ts host
oral sucker and ventral sucker
What is eliminated through the excretory pore in flukes?
nitrogen wastes
What is the purpose of yolk glands in flukes
to provide yolk for nourishment for the eggs
The life cycle of the human liver fluke involves 2 ____________.
intermediate hosts
The life cycle of the human liver fluke involves 2 intermediate host. What are they
snail and golden carp
How can you prevent against flukes?
cook fish properly
How does the final host acquire the human liver fluke?
leaves first, enters 2nd, and burrows into the muscle tissue
What is the general appearance of tapeworms
flattened, multiunits
Where are the tapeworms usual habitat
intestine of the vert.
How does the tapeworm acquire nutrition
absorbs predigested nutrients )from host) through body walls
What is the body of the tapeworm covered with
a thick cuticle
What is a scolex (in tapeworms)
What is the purpose of the hooks and suckers on the scolex on tapeworms
to hold on to the intestine and suck on
The successive units in the body of a tapeworm is called
What is found inside of the proglottid
Are tapeworms monoecious or dioecious
Can tapeworms self- fertilize?
Another word for a pork tapeworm
Taenia solium
Pork tapeworm (Taenia solium) has 2 host organisms involved in its life cycle. What are they
pig and human
What is the intermediate host and what is the host (sometimes called the final or definitive host) in the tapeworm
pig is the intermediate final is the human
What is the larvae that form in the muscle from the proglottids called
bladder worms
How can a human acquire a bladder worm
A pig eats food with it in it. We don't cook the pig enough and consume the worm
Name 2 different kinds of roundworms
Free-living roundworms parasitic roundworms (Ascaris)
What type of coelom does rounworms have
Pseudocoelomate (complete gut)
Why is it misleading that a roundworm is a pseudocoleomate
bc there is no body cavity
What do you call parasitic roundworms
What is Ascaris a common parasite of
human, pigs, horses, and other mammals
Does a roundworm have internal or external fert?
How can infection with Ascaris occur?
contaminated food and water
Where does the eggs os the Ascaris hatch
the small intestine
What is the pathway of the small larvae of the Ascaris? (6)
Small intestine Blood stream lungs break in2 alveolar spaces branchial tree and back to small intestine (adult)
What is the3 characteristics of the rotifers
microscopic animals, wheel organ, mastax
Are rotifers monoecious or dioecious
When a male is much smaller than the female or is absent, it is called
where are rotifers usually found
aquatic (mostly fresh) or moist terrestrial
What is the function of the mastax (in rotifers)
What is the function of the ciliated corona (in rotifers)
creates currents that sweep organic food particles into the mouth and the center of the wheel organ

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