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medical suffixes


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-al; -ac; -ic
Pertaining to (Cardial or cardiac pertains to the heart)
Pain (Nostalgia - my childhood caused me pain)
Break or destroy (Osteoclast - large cells that break down or destory bone matrix)
To kill (Suicide - to kill oneself)
A piercing
Bud or germ (Fibroblast - bud or germ that forms fibers of connective tissue)
Signifies an enzyme (Protease is a protein enzyme)
Beginning; origin (Menarche - beginning or origination of menstral cycle)
-aps; -apt
Fit; fasten
Release; secrete (Endocrine organs release or secrete hormones and other substances)
A cutting out (Tonsilectomy is a cutting out of the tonsils)
Jordan Vomiting
Refers to a blood condition (Leukemia is a blood condition of white blood cells)
Flow (*The flux capacitor allows the uranium to flow in Back to the Future)
An agent that initiates (aGENt that initiates)
gods ===Creation;
Something written (Telegram - something written then sent via wire)
To write; draw
Containing water
-ia, -sia, -osis
Condition; process
Abnormal condition
Signifies a protein
Signifies a "condition of"
Signifies an "inflammation of"
Rind; peel (Think "lemon"; lemons have a rind or peel)
Seizure (Epilepsy is a seizure disorder)
Stone; rock
Study of (Histology is the study of tissues)
moon; moonlike
Breaking down
-metric, -metry
Measurement; length
Like; in the shape of
Tumor (Carcinoma is a cancer tumor)
Vision; vision condition (Myopia is a vision condition)
Viewing (Colonoscopy is a viewing of the colon)
Signifies a carbohydrate
Formation of an opening
Loving (Hydrophilic = water loving)
Fearing (Hydrophobic = water fearing)
Partition (Diaphram is the partition which separates the lungs)
Growth; formation
Form; shape
Shape; make (Rhinoplasty shapes or makes a nose)
Breath; breathing (Sleep apnea affects breathing)
-rhage, -rrhage
Excessive discharge
-rhaphy; -rrhaphy
Sew; suture
-rhea, -rrhea
Flow (Diarrhea)
Body (Somebody)
-tensin, -tension
Pressure; tension
To cut
Small; little
Refers to a urine condition

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