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Microbiology Ch. 1 Mr. Hackney


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What was Linnaeus's contribution to science?
creator of the binomial system of naming
What did Whittaker do?
"father of taxanomy" developed the 5 kingdom system of tavanomy
What did Hippocrates do?
"Father of Medicine" made the connection that deseases were caused by certain and the weather.
What did Fracastora do?
Said that diseases were caused by contagions that spread by touch, air, or by contaminated objects called fomites.
What did Jenner do?
Used the first "vaccine" by taking infected cow pox tissue and giving his patients cow pox to inoculate for small pox.
What did Semmelweis do?
innitiated washing of doctors hands before and after each patients to reduce the spread of child bed fever
What did Lister do?
instituted antiseptic surgery (spraying the surgical area during surgery and soaking the bandages with antiseptic solution) which greatly reduce secondary infection.
What did Koch do?
developed a system for identifying pathogens known as Koch's Postulates
What did Pasteur do?
developed first vaccine (for rabies)and the process of Pasteurization to prevent food spoilage by removing microbes.
What did Fleming do?
discovered first antibiotic (pennicilan)
What did Leeuwenhoek do?
"Father of Microscopy" developed and used the first powerful simple microscopes
What did Janssen brothers do?
developed the first functional compound microscope.
List three characteristics of scientific nomenclature.
1.Genus is capitilized, species is not
2.Italicized or underlined
What are the five Kingdoms in Whittaker's system?
Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia
What five the microbes that are part of the Monera kingdom.
What kingdom do molds and yeasts belong to?
What kingdom to protozoa belong in?
List the seven taxa commonly used in classification.
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
What is the relation ship each taxa has with other taxa?
Each one is a part of the taxa directly above it and no other at that level. a bacteria B.cereus the cereus species is only part of the genus bacillus genus
What two changes occur in the taxa as you move from Kingdom to Species?
Groups get smaller and the similarities between get greater members of each group.

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