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Vietnam War 2


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Ho Chi Minh organizes Indochinese communist party
Bao Dai returns from france to reign as french puppet
September 1940
Japan takes over Indochina, but allows French to retain control, Oil boycott by UK and uS
OSS saves Ho Chi Minh from malaria
August 1945
Japan surrenders, Ho creates Viet Minh, Bao Dai abdicates
September 2, 1945
Ho Chi Minh reads decleration of independence from under French rule
September 26, 1945
First US killed in Vietnam, OSS lieutenant Dewey
November 1946
France shells Haiphong, open war between Fr and Viet Minh
US recognizes Bao Dai government, aids france in war, Chinese aid Ho
May 7 1954
Giap defeats France at Diem Bien Phu, French Indochina war ends
June 1954
Bao Dai makes Ngo Dinh Diem prime minister in south
July 20, 1954
Geneva Accords, Diem president
October 24, 1954
Eisenhower pledges support to Diem
Diem organizes republic of vietnam, declares self president
fighting between north and south
July 8, 1959
The first American combat deaths in Vietnam occur when Viet Cong attack Bien Hoa billets; two servicemen are killed.
Viet Cong/National Liberation Front founded
February 1961
US military advisors to Vietnam
June 16 1963
Buddhist immolations against Diem and his brother
June 20, 1964
Westmoreland as head of us foces
November 1, 1963
Diem assassinated
May 4, 1964
Trade embargo against north
August 2&4, 1964
Tonkin Gulf Incident
August 7, 1964
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
March 8, 1965
first US troops to vietnam
April 17, 1965
Students for a democratic society launch first major protest in washington
October 15, 1965
American protests in 40 cities
June 1965
Generals Nguyen Cao Ky and Nguyen Van Thieu seize the South Vietnamese government
Nov 14, 1965
First major engagement between US and Viet Minh
September 1967
Thieu elected president of South
Oct 21, 1967
50,000 demonstrate against war in DC
January 21, 1968
battle of Khe Sanh begins
January 31, 1968
Tet offensive begins
March 16, 1968
Calley kills unarmed civillians
May 10, 1968
Peace talks
May 10, 1969
Battle for Hamburger Hill
June 8, 1969
Nixon announces first troop withdrawals
Sept 3, 1969
Ho Chi MInh dies
Nov 16, 1969
250,000 people demonstrate DC
December 1, 1969
first lottery draft since 1942
April 30, 1970
US and South Vietnam invade Cambodia
May 4, 1970
Kent State massacre
May 6, 1970
100+ college closings due to riots
Feb, 1971
US invades Laos and Ho Chi Minh trail
December 1972
Bombing of Hanoi
December 28, 1972
Vietnam to paris peace talks if bombing stops
Jan 23, 1973
Paris Peace Accords
March 29, 1973
last us troops leave Vietnam

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