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english fiction test one


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the lottery (author)
shirley jackson
young goodman brown (author)
nathaniel hawthorne
billy budd (author)
herman melville
daisy miller (author)
henry james
dubliners (author)
james joyce
a rose for emily (author)
william faulkner
appointment with love (author)
s.l. kishnor
the widow of ephesus (author)
a white heron (author)
sarah orne jewett
eleven (author)
sandra cisnaros
the dansker, melville's manifest on survival (author)
gary stokes
the dansker: the archetype of the wise man (author))
james baird
insight into horror: the narrator in faulkner's 'a rose for emily' (author)
john daremo
'a ceremony of innocence' -- great moral dilemmas (author)
william tindall
billy budd: the plot against the story
lee lemon
herman melville and the forms: irony and social criticism in billy budd (author)
karl zink
henry james biography (authors)
rebecca west, fw dupree
the early development of henry james (author)
cornelia p. kelly
daisy miller: an abortive quest for innocence (author)
james gargano
the rhetoric of fiction (author)
wayne booth
invented for fiction by joyce
sudden insight for character at least likely moment
stream of consciousness
style of writing which undertakes to reproduce the raw flow of consciousness with its perceptions, thoughts, judgements, feelings, associations and memories just as they occur without being tidied into grammtical sentences or given logical narrative order by writer
"the ceremony of innocence" great moral dilemmas (ideas, themes)
-modern novel because depicts process of life
-shows moral decision/moral quandary
-perfect art form: any simpler=ineffective
-billy budd/moby dick= visions of reality
"billy budd: the plot against the story" (ideas, themes)
-borrowed distinction from victor shklovskij (story= temporal, causes/ plot= everything else)
-in traditional fiction less plot than bb
-storyline creates sympathy for billy, plot for vere
-difference between morally/socially innocent
"herman melville and the forms- irony and social criticism in billy budd" (ideas, themes)
-social allegory for battle good/evil
-claggart=aggressive evil
-billy= passive good
-crew= mankind
-vere= forms, structure, law
-evil can do whatever, good can only do good
-mankind could neutralize evil
stan matyshak speech billy budd
-novel conflict between extreme romanticism and extreme rationalism
-shows world with romanticism- shows need for laws otherwise mass chaos
rebecca west henry james bio (ideas, themes)
-daisy= american cover girl, always suspect of society
-novel of misunderstanding
"the early development of henry james" (ideas, themes)
-readers came away with either opinion of mrs. costello or winterbourne pre epiphany, end of novel is vital
-see daisy through winterbourne's consciousness
fw dupee henry james bio (ideas, themes)
-both love story and comparative manners
-individual vindicated against group
-spirit vindicated against law
-innocent til proven guilty
-winterbourned made mistake of judging when could have loved
"daisy miller: an abortive quest for innocence" (ideas, themes)
-story of winterbourne seeking to regain innocence
-not coincidental winterbourne and daisy meet in garden
-always an internal struggle with winterbourne about judging daisy
"the rhetoric of fashion" (ideas, themes)
-genre daisy miller: drama of misunderstanding
-things cannot be changed=importance
five indications of escape in dubliners
one) to dream dreams
two) escape from school
three) go to bazaar
four) to different country
five) luxury ship away ireland

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