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acupuncture TCM Theory Midterm


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woman, water, moon, night, dark, down, right, cold, Autumn, Winter, structure, front
Yin principles
man, fire, sun, day, light, up, left, hot, Spring/Summer, functions, back
Yang priciples
Yin/Yang relationships
1. opposition 2. interdependence 3. mutual consumption 4. intertransformation
6 Zang organs
lung, heart, liver, spleen, kidney
organs that manufacture and store substances like qi, blood, body fluids and vital essence
zang organ fuctions
6 Fu Organs
large intestine, small intestine, stomach, bladder, gallbladder, san jiao
organs that receive, digest, transmit, and excrete waste
functions of the fu organs
excess of yin causes cold - Full/shi cold
4limbs cold, pale face, aversion to cold, likes warm/hot drinks, chills/fever, cough with clear mucus, runny nose, whole body aches
T- white
P- floating, tense

excess of yang causes heat-
Full/shi heat
red face, sweating, high fever, thirst, likes cold drinks, aversion to heat
T- red
P- big/rapid
sweating, fever, thirst, pulse
4 big heat
weakness of yang leads to cold (chronic)

feel cold - likes warm, not thirsty, fatique, low spirit, long clear diarrhea, lower back pain, weak knees
T- white pale w/teeth marks
P- tense, weak, deep

caused- premature baby yang deficiency, overdose of herbs, drinking and eating too much cold, raw food
weakness of yin leads to heat

5 heart warm, night sweating, insomnia, moody, dry mouth/throat/lips, low fever,irregular menses, low lobido
T- red/dry
acute, rapid onset, heat, restlessness, insomnia, hot limbs, red face, loud voice, coarse breathing, thirst, constipation
T- red w/yellow coating
yang diagnosis
chronic, gradual onset, cold, sleepiness, listlessness, cold limbs, pale face, weak voice, weak breathing, no thirst, loose stool
T- pale w/teeth marks
P- empty/weak
yin diagnosis
5 element law of movement
generating, controlling, overcontrolling, insulting
grow, flourish, Spring, Green, liver, ethereal soul
wood (mu)
heat, flare up, Summer, red, heart, spirit mind
fire (huo)
give birth to all things, fertility, ripening, late Summer, yellow, spleen, thought
earth (iu)
be clear, reflection, change, Autumn, white, lung, corporeal soul
metal (jin)
cold, flows down, death, Winter, black, kidney, stores essence, will power
water (shui)
wood FEEDS fire MAKES earth CREATES metal HOLDS water
wood CONSUMES earth DAMMS water EXTINGUISHES fire MELTS metal CUTS wood
reverse of controlling
stores blood, ensures the movement of qi, controls sinews, manifests in nails, opens in the eyes, ethereal soul
governs blood, controls blood vessels, manifests in complexion, houses the mind, opens onto the tongue, controls swear
governs transformation and transportation, controls blood and muscles, opens into the mouth, manifests into the lips, houses thought
governs qi + respiration, controls channels and blood vessels - dispersing/descending functions, regulate the water passages, controls skin and hair, opens into nose, manifests into skin, corporeal soul
stores the essence, governs birth/growth, reproduction/development, produces marrow, fills up the brain, manifests in head hair, controls bones, opens into the ears, houses will power
disorders of liver
anger, eye issues, numbness of 4 limbs, bitter taste, side rib pain, tender breasts, pms - irregular menses, menopause, testicle pain, hernia, blue/green face, headache, dizziness, stiffneck, hypertension
P- wiry
disorders of heart
palpatations, insomnia,
dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, dreams a lot, poor memory, restlessness - ocd, chest oppression, pale face
disorders of spleen
no appetite, diarrhea, loose stool, fullness of st. fatique, borborygormus, bleeding under skin, yellow skin, jaundice
P- rolling/slippery
disorders of lung
cough, asthma, weezing, coughing w/blood, spontaneous sweating, daytime chest pain, aversion to wind, easy to get sick, runny nose, chills/fever
disorders of kidney
low back pain, soft knees, sex disfunctions, impotence, seminal emmission, infertility, night/frequent urination, loose teeth, tinnitus, edema
liver stores blood to nourish the heart
wood (mother) generating fire (son)
5 heart warm, night sweating, low fever/tidal fever, red cheeks, insomnia, palpations, poor memory, dry eyes, blurred vision, irregular menses, headache, dizziness
T - red
P- rapid/thready
heart + liver Yin deficient
the heat of the heart warms the spleen
fire generating the earth
insomnia, palpations, poor memory, headache, diarrhea, 4 limbs cold
T - light pale w/teeth marks - swollen
P- deep/weak
heart + spleen qi deficient
the spleens ability of transportation and transformation promotes water metabolism and prevents the overflow of water in the kidney
earth controls water
edema (face + ankles), pale face, aversion to cold, lower back pain, chronic diarrhea (early morning), difficult urination, no appetite, bloating
spleen +kidney yang deficient
the vital essence of the kidney nourishes the liver
water nourishes wood
headache, dizziness, hotflashes, dry mouth, lips, throat, insomnia, 5 heart warm, nightsweats, low back pain, weak knees, moody
T-red, less coating, slightly yellow
P- rapid/thready
liver and kidney yin deficient
the spleen transforms and distributes food essence to the lung
earth generates metal
chronic cough, no appetite, shortness of breath, sick easily, spontaneous sweating, low voice, lazy to talk, fatigue
spleen lung deficient
the lung drains the water passages to help the kidney
metal generates water
cough w/dry bleeding mucus, dry mouth/throat, hoarse voice, skinny body, 5 heart warm, nightsweating, red cheeks, low back pain, weak knee, low fever, hot bones
lung + kidney yin deficient
the lung disperses and descends to restrain the excess of the liver
metal controls wood
chest pain, anger, headache, dizziness, red eyes, bitter mouth, cough w/yellow sticky mucus
T- red w/yellow coating
P- wiry/rapid
wood insulting metal
liver smoothes and regulates qi stagnation of the liver
wood controls earth
moody, no appetite
T- red/dry
earth insulting wood
the heart governs the blood and the lungs govern qi. the lungs rely on the blood from the heart for nourishment
fire controls metal
chest pain, insomnia, heart attack, cough, chills and fever, infection of the heart low fever, fatigue
T- pale
heart fire overcontrols metal lung
kidney-yin ascends to nourish and cool heart-yang
water controls fire
insomnia, restlessness, poor memory, low back pain, weak knees, feel cold, night urination
T- pale, putty
P- weak/deep
kidney cannot communicate with the heart therefore, kidey yang deficient
in case of deficiency
tonify the mother
in case of excess
sedate the child
qi, blood, body fluid (jin, ye), essence
essential substances
the root of the human body
formation of qi
inherited from parents (vital energy- kidney), food essence (afterbirth - sp/st), fresh air (lung)
qi functions
defending - immune sys - lung
holding- sweat, blood, urine, saliva, sperm, organs
promoting - metabolism + transformation (sp + st qi)
qi deficiency is caused by
overwork, chronic desease, old age,
spontaneous sweating, headache, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, lazy to talk
T- light
qi deficiency
palpations, insomnia, cold sweating, 5 heart warm
heart qi def.
cough, runny nose, stuffy, spontaneous sweating, lazy to talk
lung qi def.
loss of appetite, fullness in st. yellow skin, bleeding, chronic, diarrhea, prolapse of organ, overthinking, sleeplessness
spleen qi def.
low back pain, soft knees, frequent leaking urination, sexual disfunction
kidney qi def.
which qi is always excessive?
liver qi
qi stagnation is caused by
chronic emotional problems, qi def, outside evils
unfixed moving pain, bloating, gas, lumps, masses
qi stagnation
chest pain, left arm pain
heart qi stagnation
anger, headache, ribside pain, sighs a lot to release pain, irregular menses, hernia
liver qi stagnation
bloating, pain in lower abdomen
spleen qi stagnation
qi movement
lung - down
liver - up
kidney - up to lung, sometimes down (urination)
spleen - up
heart - down
kidney- up
stomach - down
cough, asthma, weezing
lung qi rebellion
nausea, belching, hiccups, vomitting
stomach qi rebellion
headache, vertigo, coma, stroke
liver qi rebellion
qi sinking
qi def. causing prolapsed organs - mostly sp + kid
exhaling is exiting
inhaling is entering
dispersing is ascending
descending is descending
qi movement
original qi, derived from congenitel essence, takes root in kidneys
stimulates + promotes functions of zang organs, tissues, meridians
yaun qi - original qi
combination of clear qi (air/lung) and grain/food qi (st/sp), stored in the chest
promotes the lung functions - respiration, speech, voice
promotes heary functions -
dominates the blood + heartbeat
zong qi - gathering qi
derived from the qi of food, circulates in the vessels
produces the blood
ying qi - nourishing qi
derived from food qi
circulates outside of the vessels
protects the muscular surface
defends against outside evils
controls opening and closing of pores to moisten hair and skin
regulates temp - warms zang fu
wei qi - defensive qi
dense and material form of qi
formation of blood
from the food essence of sp/st goes up to the lungs
the essence of life stored in the kidneys goes into the bone and turns into marrow
fx of blood
1. nourishing and moistening the entire body
2.the material basis for mental activity
blood def. is caused by
old age, chronic disease, loss of blood., blood stagnation
pale complexion, pale lips, anemia, fatigue, disturbed visions, poor memory, restlessness, insomnia, mental instability
T- pale thin
P- fine/thready/weak
blood def.
palpitations, insomnia, poor memory, dizziness, dreams a lot
heart blood def.
blurred/double vision, nearsightedness, itching, dry eyes, numbness of 4 limbs at night, irregular menses
liver blood def.
no appetite, heavy body, loose stool, bleeding under the skin
spleen blood def.
blood stagnation is caused by
qi def./stagnation, blood cold, blood heat (stroke -internal wind in the liver)
bright sharp fixed pain, pain at night, sweating, possible discoloration of influenced region, lumps, bleeding - clots, rough skin
T dark red
P tight wiry
blood stagnation
cancer is caused by?
blood/qi stagnation
blood heat is caused by
outside - dryness/fire
inside - stomach heat, chronic disease, fever, food
heat sensation, restlessness, dry mouth, itchy skin, bright red bleeding, hypermenorrhea, thirst
T red, raised dots
P rapid
blood heat
what organs are connected to blood?
heart, spleen, liver, kidney, lungs
clear, light, thin body element
more yang
circulates mostly on the body
keeps skin, hair, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, genitals, muscles, joints and other orifices moist
turpid, heavy, denser element
more yin, moistens and nourishes brain, bone marrow, lubricates joints
what organs are connected with body fluid?
lung, sp, st, kidney
body fluid disease is caused by
high fever, sweating, 4 bigs, vomitting, diarrhea, loss of blood
dry skin, lips, nose, tongue, mucus, dry cough, constipation
t red/dry
p thready
dry body fluids
edema on the face
t fatty/swollen/puffy
p rolling
lung water retention
t fatty/swollen/puffy
p rolling
kidney water retention
acid reflux/borborygmis, bloating
t fatty/swollen/puffy
p rolling
sp/st water retention
the essence
jing fx
growth, reproduction, development
1.kidney qi is produced by
2. produces marrow to fill the brain (spinal cord)
dysfunction of essence is caused by
poor constitution, premature aging, sexual disorders: sterility/infertility
5 delayed in kids
infertility/sterility, loose teeth/hair
weak bones in adults
jing def.
heart: consciousness, thought, creativity
ethereal soul
han - liver, rigor
corporeal soul
po - lung, instinct/intuition
zhi - kidney, will power character
shi - spleen, analytical thinking memory
dysfunctions of spirit and souls
insomnia, psychological/mental problems caused by
heart + liver
heart + spleen
heart + kidney
qi and blood relationship
1. qi makes blood
2. qi as the driving force of blood
3. qi keeps the blood flowing within the vessals
fatique, pale face, sweating, lazy to talk, blurred vision, vertigo,
qi/blood def.
qi promotes, moves and holds what?
body fluid
body fluid carries
blood and body fluid
are both yin, have the same origin, and transform each other
no bleeding method to:
emaciated patients
-those with
loss of blood, severe perspiration, severe diarrhea, and loss of blood from childbirth
are both yin, have the same origin, and transform each other
blood and body fluid

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