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Theatre Vocab One


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Style of performance seeking to give illusion of reality. Denies any suggestion of theatrical. Takes place in a proscenium.
Representational Theatre
Style of performance that recognizes itself as theatrical. May acknowledge the audience. Takes place in thrust/arena.
Presentational theatre
In the audition process, actors must read for a character, from a script, without any preparation.
cold reading
Contains entire text of play, all directions, cues, actors movements, and backstage cues.
Prompt book
The backstory,beginning part of the play. Introduces characters, plot, and what happened before curtain opened.
A speech introducing the play. Done by a narrator. ONLY in Shakesperian theatre.
The first complication between characters
Inciting incident
When the opposing forces meet. Usually turning point of the plot.
Peak of interest or excitement in a play
Outcome of explanation which concludes the entire plot
Speech to conclude the performance. Shakesperian, narrator.
All events from beginning to end
The series of events that gives the story its meaning
the place in the story where action begins
point of attack
the text of a play. Used in rehearsal and subject to change
the villian, person in direct opposition to the good guy.
always the good guy, central character. Always have character flaws.
vocal, physical, and mental excercises to aid actors in their performance
The earliest of the rehearsals, focus on the actors movements
blocking rehearsal
where actors read through play from beginning to end, usually 1st rehearsal
read through
where actors go through play from beginning to end with all of the blocking, movements, lines, cues
run through
where the audience sits
lobby, boxoffice area before you walk into the house itself
front of house
able to rearrange stage and chair
black box/convertible theatre
imaginary wall between actors and audience
4th wall
decorative/representational scenery (not the walls)
set properties
actors clothing, made with specifics, (color, period, silhoutte,etc.)
costume properties
diff. catagories or styles of drama.
2 basic:
tragedy:no audience relation
comedy:most popular, supposed to have relation
theatrical generes
the person/institution responsible for finacial backing
person responsible for arranging/coordinating actors and artists in a play
person responsible for the design of walls and background. based on time period.
set designer
person responsible for design of actors clothing
costumes designer
person responsible for designing "hand props" for scene.
properties designer
responsible for balancing microphone for actors. create sound effects, music
sound designer
responsible for overall lighting scene. do lighting, set mood
light designer
person that is responsible for moment to moment coordination during a performance
stage manager
keep track of staging/blocking of the actors
assistant director
builds the set, oversees building of set according to set director
technial director
sit opposite side of SM, and moment to moment
assistant stage manager
literary assistant to director. Researcher
responsible for physical operation of lighthing or sound board
board opperators
all of the people who create/make show
production team
gathering of production team to work on planning/timelines
production meeting

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