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Thai Sex Love


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joot soo yet
a-wai pet ying
ong ka chet
gra dor
penis, prick, cock, genitals
gra jieow
koon pet
pet sam pan
sex, sexual intercourse
dtee ching
be lesbian
pom ruk koon
I love you
pom kit teung koon
I miss you
ben faen pom dai mai
Can you be my girlfriend?
pom sot
I am single
koon suay mak
You are very beautiful
koon na-ruk mak
You are very cute
pom chorp roi yim kong koon
I like your smile
proong nee jer gun dai mai
Can I see you tomorrow?
keun nee koon wang mai
Are you free tonight?
koon chorp pom reu blao
Do you like me?
koon mee faen reu yung
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
pom jing jai gup koon
I am serious about you
pom kit wa pom long ruk koon
I think I have fallen in love with you.
koon chorp poo-chai bap nai
What kind of men do you like?
kor ber tor koon dai mai
Can you tell me your phone number please?
bai gin kao gub pom mai
Do you want to go and eat with me?
bai doo nung gup pom mai
Do you want to go to watch a movie?
pom bai pob por-mae koon dai mai
Can I meet your parents?
pom dtong gan dtang ngan gub koon
I want to marry you
joop dai mai
Can I kiss you?
koon kit teung pom mai
Do you miss me
koon ben fan pom
You are my girlfriend
koon keu yot -ruk kong pom
You are my sweetheart.

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