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A submaximal direct stimulus to a skeletal muscle causes
contraction of some fibers
Over a period of time, a man uses 4 liters of oxygen and produces 3 liters of CO, What is his RQ for that period?
The partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood is lower than that in alveoli. The condition suggested is
thickening of the alveolar membrane
In which of the following situations is an osmotic diuresis observed?
During diabetes mellitus
Which of the following statements supports the observation that the glomerulus acts like a simple physical microfilter?
Increased concentration of colloids in plasma diminishes the formation of filtrate.
Following exercise, ventilation is in excess of the metabolic requirement. During this period, the level of lactic acid in blood
The sensory organs concerned with maintenance of skeletal muscle tonus are
muscle spindles
An electrocardiogram showing extra P waves before each QRS complex indicates
partial heart block
Within physiologic limits, activity of the respiratory center is decreased directly by
increased pH.
The tone of the masseter muscle is maintained by the
stretch reflex
The air remaining in alveoli at the end of a forced maximal expiration is the
residual volume
Which of the following compounds is NOT involved in coagulation of blood?
The natural reservoir for Rocky Mountain spotted fever is
The Lancefield streptococcal group most likely to contain strains pathogenic for man is
An injection of penicillin into a penicillin-sensitized person may lead to death due to
constriction of bronchioli and drop in blood pressure
Prolonged administration of streptomycin may result in damage to the
auditory nerve
Dry heat destroys microorganisms primarily by
coagulation of protein.
Mycotic organisms are characteristically found microscopically within reticuloenclothelial cells in
A number of fungi that commonly cause superficial skin infections belong to the genus
A bacterium well known for its large polysaccharicle capsule is
Streptococcus pneumonioe
The progression of impetigo in children involves streptococci and
an acute contagious staphylococcal or streptococcal skin disease characterized by vesicles, pustules, and yellowish crusts
The type of infection commonly transmitted by blood and blood-derived products is
type B hepatitis
Serum sickness syndrome is an example of
a systemic Arthus reaction
arthus rxn
a reaction that follows injection of an antigen into an animal in which hypersensitivity has been previously established and that involves infiltrations, edema, sterile abscesses, and in severe cases gangrene
The eclipse stage of a viral infection is characterized by
absence of a demonstrable virus particle.
Which of the following therapeutic agents are classed as broad-spectrum antibiotics
a) Tetracycline; (b) Chloramphenicol
Inactivated microorganisms are used in the manufacture of which of the following?
Salk vaccine
Acute osteomyelitis is most frequently caused by which of the following microorganisms?
Which of the following diseases is caused by an agent that produces neither exotoxins nor endotoxins?
Specific chemotherapy is useful for treating which of the following conditions?
Herpes conjunctivitis
Which of the following agents is most often associated with fatalities following influenzal infections?
Staphylococcus aureus
The form of bacterial gene transfer that is least susceptible to DNase and does NOT require cell-to-cell contact is
Two important "post-streptococcal" diseases are
rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis
Hemorrhage is often difficult to curb in patients with liver disorders because of
A thrombus produced as a result of damage to the ventricular endocardium is characteristic of
mural thrombus
Small pin-point hemorrhages that occur on the skin are
Orchitis is a serious complication in adults with
inflammation of a testis
The disease characterized by radiolucent bone lesions, anemia, hyperglobulinernia and one or more bone marrow tumors containing predominantly plasma cells is
multiple myeloma
Heart failure cells are
hemosiderin-laden macrophages in alveoli.
A 10-year-old boy bled during tooth extraction. Subsequently, he had multiple bleeding into his joints, especially his knees. Upon questioning, it was reported that a maternal uncle and a male cousin had had similar experiences. The most probable diagnos
a yellowish brown granular pigment formed by breakdown of hemoglobin
factor VIII
a glycoprotein clotting factor of blood plasma that is essential for blood clotting and is absent or inactive in hemophilia
Miliary tuberculosis results from spread of tubercle bacilli by way of
the blood stream
Left-sided heart failure or shock may be associated etiologically with
pulmonary edema
Long-standing chronic renal insufficiency may produce
parathyroid hyperplasia.
In amyloidosis of the tongue, the amyloid is deposited primarily in the
stromal connective tissue
supporting framework of an organ made up of CT
Pernicious anemia is best treated with
vitamin B12.
Malignant bone tumors likely to be encountered in children or young adults include
c) Ewing's sarcoma. (d) osteogenic sarcoma
Thrombotic occlusion of a coronary artery may result in
infarction of the myocardium, fibrosis of the myocardium, conductive changes.
Growth of which of the following neoplasms is often influenced by hormones
Breast carcinoma; (c) Prostatic carcinoma
Leukocytosis is apt to be present in which of the following conditions?
Acute abscess, Osteomyelitis
Which of the following cells are more abundant in chronic inflammation than in acute inflammation?
Plasma cells
A patient with which of the following diseases is predisposed to develop osteosarcoma?
Paget's disease of bone
A high titer of serum heterophile antibodies is found in patients with which of the following conditions?
Infectious mononucleosis
In chronic, granulomatous inflammation, which of the following processes is most likely to predominate?
Renin is found in which of the following organs?
Which of the following is the most common skin cancer in man?
Basal cell carcinoma
abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in the spaces between tissues and organs in the cavity of the abdomen
Which of the following sequelae of fatty nutritional cirrhosis is most likely to result in exsanguination?
Esophageal varix
Which of the following is most likely to cause a sudden arrest of heart function
Cardiac tamponade
cardiac tamponade
mechanical compression of the heart by large amounts of fluid or blood within the pericardial space that limits the normal range of motion and function of the heart
Which of the following may result from chronic bronchitis?
Cor pulmonale
Increased airway resistance
Metaplasia and dysplasia of respiratory epithelium
Carcinoma of which of the following tissues has been associated with ingestion of food contaminated with Aspergillus?
An infarct is most frequently characterized by what type of necrosis?
Which of the following renal diseases is autosomal dominant?
Polycystic kidney

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