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Arthropodborne bacterial disease


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What is a vector???
Carrier In this case the arthropod
What is agent and description and vector for bubonic plague???
G - bacillus called yersinia pestis
rat flea
blood disease
what is Sylvatic plague??
bubonic plague in southwestern U.S.
bipolar staining???
safety pin look---Bacillus stains heavily at poles
characteristics of disease are???bubonic plague
bacteria multiply in blood and collect at lymph nodes(armpit neck and groin)Hemorrages the node cause swelling (buboes)dark purpleish skin hemorrages
What percent of untreated bubonic plague die???
50 %
Transmission of bubonic plague is from___???
people to person
flea bite
What is pneumonic plague??
person to person by air droplets infects lungs death common within 48 hours,bubonic plague, 100% mortality
symptoms include coughing sneezing,fluid accumulation
How to treat the plague???
How many cases
Tetracycline or streptomycin 24 cases per year
Agent of disease called tularemia and characteristics???
francisella tularensis --Small gram negative rod with bipolar staining
Where is Tularemia from ???
wide variety of animals rabbits rodents
ticks are vector
Symptoms of tularemia are___???
skin lesion from bite
eye lesion from bacillus in eye
can get in lungs
treatment for tularemia is???
How many cases???
tetracycline or streptomycin few people die of this
200 cases annually but hard to diagnose
What is agent and description of lyme disease and vector
Borrelia burgdorferi
carried by small deer tick
lyme disease symptoms are___???`
erytheme(red) chronicum(persistant) migrans(expanding)
incubation is 6 to8 weeks
begins small flat raised lesion, then rash increases in circular pattern over next weeks(resembles bullseye)fever aches and pains 1/3 people do not get rash fluelike symp.
stages of lyme disease are????
early localized-treat effective with peicillin and tetracycline
some enter second stage (early disseminated)
Weeks later arthritis and damage to cardiovascular system
What is agent ,description,andvector for Epidemic typhos????
Rickettsia prowazeckii
head and body lice
characteristics of epedemic typhus
fever 104 degrees
maculopapular rash (trunk to extremities)
delerium for days
treatment of epedemic typhus
tetracyclin and chloramphenicol
mortality rate of epedemic typhus??
75 % fromdamage to blood vessels and heart
Diagnosis of epedemic typhus is___???
Weil- Felix AB test
What is the agent for rocky mountain spotted fever and vector and agent description???
rickettsia rickettsii
More symptoms of rocky mountain spotted fever
How to diagnose
last 2 weeks 75% mortality
untreated get better in 2 weeks or die
treatment --tetracyclin or chloramphenical Diagnose with Weil- Felix AB test
How many rocky cases per year???
agent of endemic typhus and vector
rickettsia typhi
flea fromcat or mouse
Symptoms of endemic typhus???
mild fever
persistant headache
maculopapular rash
recovery without drug theropy

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