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The number of weeks of pregnancy since the first day of the last menstrual period?
Birth that occurs before the end of 20weeks gestation?
the normal duration of pregnancy (38 to 42 weeks gestation)?
time between conception and the onset of labor; usually used to describe the period during which a woman is pregnant; used interchangeably with prenatal.
time from the onset of true labor until the birth of the infant and placenta?
time from the delivery of the placenta and membranes until the woman's body returns to a nonpregnant condition
labor that occurs after 20weeks but before completion of 37 weeks gestation.
preterm or premature
labor that occurs after 42 weeks gestation
postterm labor
any pregnancy, regardless of duration, including present pregnancy
a woman who has never been pregnant
a woman who is pregnant for the first time
a woman who is in her second or any subsequent pregnancy
birth after 20weeks gestation regardless of whether the infant is born alive or dead
a woman who has had no births at more than 20weeks gestation.
a woman who has ahd one birth at more than 20 weeks gestation, regardless of whether the infant was born alive or dead
a woman who has had two or more births at more than 20weeks gestation.
an infant born dead after 20weeks gestation
The terms gravida and para are used in relation to pregnancies, not to the number of fetuses. Thus twins, triplets, and so forth count as one ______ and one birth.
T: number of term infants born- that is the number of infants born after 37 weeks gestation or more:
P: number of preterm infants born- that is, the number of infants born after 20 weeks but before the completion of 37 weeks gestation.
A: numbe
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____ factors are any finding that suggest the pregnancy may have a negative outcome, for either the woman or her unborn child.
When is the pelvic examination performed during a physical assessment?
Historically the due date has been called the estimated date of ______, and also known as the estimated date of birth (EDB_
confinement (EDC)
The most common method of determining the EDB is _____ rule, which uses 280 days as the mean length of pregnancy. To use this method, begin with the first day of the LMP, subtract 3 months and add 7 days.
When a woman is examined in the first 10 to 12 weeks of her pregnancy and her uterine size is compatible with her menstrual history, _____ ____ may be the single most important method for dating her pregnancy.
uterine size
_____ may be experienced between 16 to 22 weeks gestation.
When can a Doppler detect a fetal heartbeat.
8 to 12 weeks gestation
When can a fetoscope detect a fetal heartbeat?
16-20 weeks gestation
How ofter should a pregnant women get checkups for the first 28 weeks gestation?
every 4 weeks
How often should a pregnant woman get checkups from week 28 to 36.
every 2 weeks
Checkups after 36 weeks?
every week until birth
H & H
white- hemaglobin < 9g/dl
hematocrit < 29%

black- hemaglobin <8.2g/dl
hematocrit <26%
no answer
The exact cause of NVP is unknown, but it is thought to be multifactorial. An elevated _______ _______ _____ level is believed to be a major factor, but changes in carbohydrate metabolism, fatigue, and emotional factors may also play a role.
human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)
Increased levels of ____ and progesterone contribute to soreness and tingling of the breasts and increased sensitivity of the nipples.
Increased whitish vaginal dischange, called ______, is common in pregnancy.
Once pregnancy has progressed somewhat, elevated estrogen levels may produce edema of the nasal mucosa, which results in nasal stuffiness, nasal discharge, and obstruction. ____ (nosebleeds) may also result.
______ is a rare discomfort of pregnancy in which excessive, often bitter saliva is produced.
The cause is unknown and effective treatments are limited.
Pregnant women should avoid using ____ _____ (baking soda) and Alka Seltzer because they may lead to electrolyte imbalance.
sodium bicarbonate
Heavy use of licorice during pregnancy has been associated with what?
lower gestational age.
One fourth of pregnant women experience this, it is characterized by numbness and tingling of the hand near the thumb?
carpal tunnel
The primigravida experiences considerable relief from shortness of breath in the last few weeks fo pregnancy, when _____ occurs, and the fetus and uterus move down in the pelvis. Because the multigravida does not usually experience this until labor, she
Womens pulse rate should not exceed ____ bpm.
_____ taken in late pregnancy is commonly associated with staining of teeth in children and has been shown to depress skilital growth, especially in premature infants.
______ taken in the last few weeks of pregnancy are known to compete with bilirubin attachment of protein binding sites, increasing the risk of jaundice in the newborn.
If a patient's fundus is palpated at the umbilicus, she would be ___-___ weeks gestation.
Fetal heart beat heard vis doppler at 10-12 weeks at a rate of ____-_____ bpm/via fetoscope as early as 16 weeks.
ultrasound detects fetal gestational sac at 5-6 weeks. Fetal heart activity by 6-7 weeks and fetal breathing movements by 10-11 weeks of pregnancy.
no answer
Pelvic inlet: clinical _____- provides info whether the size and shape of the pelvis is adequate for vaginal birth.
If a pregnant woman had edema in her face what could that indicate?
Diabetic babies although are big will have underdeveloped what?
What sign is softening of the cervix?
Goodell's sign
What sign is a bluish purple, or deep red discoloration of the mucous membranes of the cervix, vagina, and vulva.
What sign is a softening of the isthmus of the uterus, the area between the cervix and the body of the uterus?
What sign is an ease in flexing the body of the uterus against the cervix also used to measure fundal height
McDonald's sign
What percentage of woman experience nausea and vomitting?
This drug class would be where the risk outweighs the benefit?
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