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What is the recommended method of emergency contraception w/in 48h?
Levonorgestrol w/in 48 hours but can even work up until 120 hours.
Can do either ablation or excision but the best is excision and the best excision procedure is LEEP.
Which medication is proven to be effective in reducing perinatal morbidity and mortality associated with preterm labor?
Antenatal corticosteroids
Should lesbian women receive the Hep B vaccine?
Concern with women with seizures and OCPs?
↓OCP efficacy due to induction of cytochrome P450 by the anti-seizure meds.
Doctors can provide care to adolescents w/o parental consent for what?
60 y/o F p/w mass protruding through vagina upon bearing down. C/o vaginal bleeding, pressure in pelvic area relieved by lying down. What is this?
Uterine prolapse.
Most common complication with norplant?
Menorrhagia (prolonged vaginal bleeding during the period)
Why are the following medications CI in pregnant pts?
Tetracycline: dental staining, ↓bone growth
Cipro: tendon rupture in young children
What do you do for pregnant pts w/ si/sx suggestive of UTI?
Begin empiric ABY tx immediately w/:
Tx of acute pyelonephritis in pregnant women?
Hospitalization & IV ABY (Ceftriaxone or Amp/Gent)
How do you differentiate b/t the different causes of ascites?
Abdominal paracentesis and ascitic fluid analysis
Most common cause of ascites is?
hepatic cirrhosis
Clinical conditions associated with a high SAAG?
SAAG >/= 1.1
Clinical conditions associated with low SAAG?
SAAG < 1.1
What is Budd Chiari syndrome?
Postsinusoidal non-cirrhotic causes of portal HTN
What is HELLP syndrome?
Hemolytic anemia
What do you do for HGSIL on Pap smear?
Immediate referral for colposcopy and endocervical curettage b/c high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion indicates 1-2% probability of already having invasive cervical cancer and a 20% probability of acquiring invasive cervical cancer if left untreated.
Most common cause of postmenopausal bleeding?
Atrophic vaginitis (50-60%)
Tx of PID?
Cefoxitin +Doxycycline
1st thing to do with pts with severe preeclampsia?
Stabilize them w/ anti-HTN med and seizure prophylaxis.
14 y/o starts having sex. When do you do the PAP smear on her?
At the age of 17.
The most common cause of an arrest disorder in nulliparous women in the active phase of labor is? What do you do?
Hypotonic uterine contractions.
Absolute CI to OCPS:
1)       h/o thromboembolic event or stroke
Relative CI to OCPs
1)       migraines
How much Vit D and calcium should be recommended to all postmenopausal women?
Calcium: 1200 mg
Which cysts in a pregnant woman need to be removed?
If it is > 5 cm and persists beyond the 1st trimester or shows no regression in subsequent visits, surgery during the 2nd trimester is recommended b/c cyst could rupture and causes problems.
Woman has HGSIL. Colposcopy confirms CIN II. What do you do?
High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion
What do you do for an asymptomatic pregnant female with bacteriuria?
Treat b/c delay may allow the bacteriuria to progress to cystitis or pyelonephritis—associated w/ preterm labor & premature birth
How do you manage mother and baby if mother has HBsAg?
Give Hep B Vaccine & Hep B immune globulin to infant w/in 12 hours after delivery. The Hep B Vac and HBIG are normally only of benefit when administered w/in 12 hours of exposure to infectious secretions. That’s why you don’t give the mother anything.
Exercise induced amenorrhea is due to what?
↓in the pulsatile secretion in LHà ↓ in estrogen produced
Describe the sx of androgen insensitivity syndrome:
What do you do if woman has no endocervical cells on pap smear?
Subchorionic hematoma. What do you do?
What is the treatment for a young pt with significant hypoestrogenic symptoms and low bone density?
How does Rh incompatibility work?

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