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HCTZ & electrolites
Hipokalemia, hipomagnesemia, hipercalcemia, hyperglycemia, hiperuricemia, hiponatremia
Cual es la droga de eleccion para embarazadas con hipertension esencial
Methyldopa (aldomet)
Dimetapp & Pacientes hipertensos
Contrainidcado porque contiene phenylpropanolamina y esta puede aumentar la presion sanguinea, por su condicion vasoconstrictora
Meridia MOA
Sibutramine suprime el apetito, y actua inhibiendo la recaptacion de dopamina, serotonina y norepinephrina
Dexatrim OTC? Droga? Accion?
OTC, phenylpropanolamine que es un vasoconstrictor (como en dimetapp) y se usa como coadjuvante para perder peso
Micro-K Galenica?
Son cristales de potasio microencapulados que permiten una liberacion lenta del cloururo de potasio, ademas reduce la accion irritante de la sal
Efectos secundarios de la codeina
Constipacion, retencion urinaria, depresion respiratoria, depresion del SNC
Anticonceptivos orales que solo contienen progetine. (Minipill)
Ovrette, Nor-Q.D, Micronor.
Anticonceptivos orales que solo contienen progestine: breasfeeding? LDL? depresion?
Pasa por la leche materna, pero es seguro para el bebe; aumenta LDL; Con precausion en pacientes depresivos
Phenytoin IV, IM?
No porque precipita en el lugar de IM lo que causa dolor local y su absorcion es erratica. IV no porque precipita en presencia de soluciones acidicas
Es un espermicida surfanctante que se utiliza en conjunto con el diafragma. viene en gel, foam, cream, film or suppository. Some of these formulations help to disperse the spermicide as well as add lubrication.OTC
Docusate brand and MOA
Colace, Stool softener aionic surfaxtant that promotes penetration of water into the intestinal contents
Anticholinergics & pupillary reaction
Mydriasis, they cause constriction of the iris muscle and it looks bigger
What does Polyvinyl alcohol do in an ophtalmic sol?
Its a viscosity builder that increase the contact time with the opthalmic sol with the eye
What is a normal eye blood pressure?
10 - 20 mmHg
Optipranolol MOA Uses
Is a Betablocker use for glaucoma
Ocupressm drug, MOA, Uses
Carteolol Is a Betablocker use for glaucoma
What is EDTA?
Is a chelating agent
Drug in Visine Allergy relief
Accutane Isotretinoine is derivated of which vitamin?
Vitamin A
How often have Nicotine parches to be reapply?
What is the difference between nitrostat and other nitroglicerne tablets?
Its a sublingual tablet that contain polyethylen glycol which reduces the chance of nitroglycerin volatilization. It has to be dispense on its original container to protect the drug
Is it ok to apply nitroglycerin patches in the distal portion of the extremities?
No because it doesn't assure its absortion
How discotinue nitroglycerin patches?
Slowly over 4-6 weeks
What is amyl nitrite?
Is the only antianginal drug administer by inhalation
Persantine Drug. Action
Dypiridamol is used in the treatment of angina and as antipletelet
Nitroglycerin PO?
Not userfull because goes extensively thru the liver
Alcohol and Nitroglycerin?
Hypotensive crisis
Nitroglycerine IV special conditions
Requires non PVC container to avoid its absortion into it
Nitroglycerin topical How is it messured? Has to be rubbed? Covered?
by inches and should be apply with minimal rubb and covered by a plastic covers to facilitate absortion and avoid stain of clothing
What is the normal range for fasting blood sugar?
70 -110 mg/dl
What is a low dose syringe
The ones that messure 0.5 ml
What insuline is the most rapid onset action?
Lispro insuline
What is the antidote for warfarine toxicity?
Phytonadione (VItamin K1)
What is the rquivalence of 100 mcg of levothyroxine and thyroid USP and Cytomel
100 mcg of levothyroxine=60 mg of thyroid USP = 25 mcg Cytomel
Drugs to treat hyperthiroidism
propyltiouracil, methimazole and 131I
Synthroid and thyroid hormones & clotting factors
They get the clotting factors diminsh so warfarin dose needed decreases
What to do when radiation emergency occurs?
Take potassium iodide and it will saturate the thyroid and protect it
What pyuria means?
Pus in the urine
How long should pyridium be used?
No more than 2 days
Why is allopurinol use in antineoplasic therapy?
Allopurinol is a xantine oxidase and its use to reduces uric acid that increases during this type of treatment
When we get an extravasation what should we do?
We should apply cold compresses to releave pain and further dissemination of drug in neighboring tissue
Daunorubicin uses? Adverse effects
HIV treatment, causes cardiotoxicity like CHF
Iron & ascorbic acid
Ascorbic acid will increase iron absortion 200 mg for 20 mg of ferrous sulfate
What causes megaloblastic anemia?
Deficiency of Vit B12 and folic acid
Sources of vit B12
eggs, liver and dairy, but not vegetables or fruit
Cause of pernicious anemia
Lack for intrinsic factor that helps to absorbs vit B12
Nicotrol presentation
patches, spray and inhaler
Epsom salt ingredient
magnesium sulfate
PHisohex coverage
gram positive only
Chlorhexidine coverage
gram positive and negative
Lyme disease what is it?
is a spirochete carried by a tick
how to treat Lyme disease?
Doxycycline and tetracycline
Paregoric drug? uses
Opium tincture Diarrhea
Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome. TTO
Hypersecretion of acid. Omeprazole
When is it a bacteriurea? 10,000, 1,000,000 or 100,000 count
100,000 count
What "aa qs" means
of each a sufficient quantity to make"

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