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People to Recognize and Recall


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Christopher Columbus
explorer landed in
Caribbean Island looking
for a route to Asia
John Smith
grew corn from Indians, founder of Jamestown
Thomas Hooker
founded Conneticut
Roger Williams
founded Rhode Island for religious freedom and believed people should
not be persecuted because
of religion
Anne Hutchinson
also founded Rhode Island
and said God spoke to her
William Penn
founded Pennsylvania
diverse population
James Oglethorpe
founded Georgia
John Peter Zenger
freedom of press and speech
King George III
King of England seen as
a tyrant by colonists
Ben Franklin
came up with Albany Plan
of Union
Patrick Henry
said, "give me liberty or give me death"; Patriot
Crispus Attucks
1st African American
killed in the
Revolutionary War
Samuel Adams
leader of the Sons of
Marquis de Lafayette
emissary; French nobleman
who helped Washington in
the war
Benedict Arnold
traitor; 1st on American side, then sided with the British
Thomas Paine
Patriot who wrote Common Sense
Richard Henry Lee
proposed complete independence (Declaration of Independence)
John Locke
Enlightement thinker who believed in natural rights govern at birth like life, liberty, and property...thought
people could overthrow government if these
rights were taken
Thomas Jefferson
author of Declaration of Independence
King Louis XVI
King of France
General Rochambeau
French commander that
helped American win the battle of Yorktown by
having French ships set
up a blockade to surround
the British
Phillis Wheatly
African slave noted for poetry; supported independence during Revolutionary War
Baron von Stuben
German who trained the Continental Army during winter at Valley Forge
General Cornwallis
British commander in the South
George Washington
commander of the Continental Army; 1st President of the United States

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