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Texas Government 2


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A political culture that is conducive to the development of an efficient, effective government which meets the needs of its citizens in a timely and professional manner.
Civic Culture
A legal partnership between two men or two women that gives the couple all the benefits, protections, and responsibilities under law are granted to spouses in marriage.
Civil Union
which is a federal law stipulating that each state may choose either to recognize or not recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Texas has adopted its own DOMA, declaring that a marriage between persons of the same sex or a civil union ar
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
The integration of national economies into a world economic system in which companies compete worldwide for suppliers and markets.
Global Economy
The total value of goods and services produced in a state in a year.
Gross State Product
Industries that are based on the latest in modern technology, such as telecommunications and robotics.
High Technolgy Industries
An approach to government and politics that emphasizes private initiatives with a minimum of government interference
Individualistic political culture
A nickname for the State of Texas
Lone Star State
An approach to government and politics in which people expect government to intervene in the social and economic affairs of the state, promoting the public welfare and advancing the public good.
Moralistic Political Culture
Is the extent to which live births exceeded deaths. The birthe rate of Texas is the 2nd highest in the nation.
Natural population increase
An international accord among the U.S., Mexico, and Canada to lower trade barriers among the three nations.
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Per person
Per capita
The widely held, deeply rooted political values of a society
Political culture
A religious reform movement
A tax levied on natural resources at the time they are taken from the land or water.
Severance tax
A policy that guarantees the admission to state colleges and universities of students who graduate in the top 10% of their public high school classes without regard for their SAT or ACT scores.
Top ten percent rule
A approach to government and politics that sees the role of government as the preservation of tradition and the existing social order.
Traditionalistic political culture
A legislative body with two chambers
Bicameral legislature
A constitutional document guaranteeing individual rights and liberties
Bill of rights
A business practice whereby a single, large bank conducts business from several locations.
Branch banking
The amount of money by which annual budget expenditures exceed annual budget receipts.
budget deficit
The power to cut agency spending or transfer money between agencies during the period when the legislature is not in session
Budget execution authority
The overlapping of the powers of the branches of government so that public officials limit the authority of one another.
Checks and balances
A conservative Christian organization
Christian coalition
The protection of the individual from the unrestricted power of the government.
Civil liberties
The fundamental law by which a state or nation is organized and governed
A formal written change or addition to the state’s governing document.
Constitinal amendment
Law that involves the interpretation and application of the constitution
Constitional law
The process of drafting a new constitution
Constitional revision
Constitutional or statutory provisions that set aside revenue for particular purposes.
Dedicated funds
A constitutionally earmarked account containing money set aside for building, maintaining, and policing state highways
Dedicated highway fund
A political system in which the citizens vote directly on matters of public concern.
Direct democracy
A lawsuit filed by a number of poor school districts, including the Edgewood Independent School District in San Antonio, against the state’s system of education finance.
Edgewood v. Kirby
The legal principle that state laws may not arbitrarily discriminate against persons.
Equal protection of the law
A act of congress adopting regulatory policies that overrule state policies in a particular regulatory area.
Federal premeption of state authority
Certificates of indebtedness that must be repaid from general revenues.
General obligation bonds
An organization of farmers that influenced the content of the Texas Constitution of 1875.
Legal residence
A procedure available in some states and cities whereby citizens can propose the adoption of a policy measure by gathering a prerequisite number of signatures. Voters must then approve the measure before it can take effect.
Initiative process
The view (associated with President Andrew Jackson) that the right to vote should be extended to all adult male citizens and that all government offices of any importance should be filled by election.
Jacksonian democracy
Elections held to determine whether the area will legislate the sale of alcoholic beverages.
Local option electives
An election system that provides for the election of nearly every public official of any significance.
Long ballot
A statement of party principles and issue of positions.
Party platform
Money constitutionally set aside as an endowment to finance construction, maintenance, and some other activities at the University of Texas, Texas A&M University, and other institutions in those two University systems.
Permanent University Fund (PUF)
The division of executive power among several elected officials.
Plural executive
Taxes levied on the value of real property, such as land and buildings
Property taxes
Members of the Republican party that wanted sweeping and social change to take place in the South after the civil war.
Radical republicans
A political system in which citizens elect representatives to make policy decisions on their behalf.
Representative democracy or republic
A reform of the stat’s school finance system designed to increase funding for poor school districts by redistributing money from wealthy districts
Robin Hood Plan
The division of political authority among, legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.
Seperation of powers
Law made by legislature
Statutory law
The right to vote
A provision in the Texas constitution that states the following: “ equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged because of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin.
Texas Equal rights amendment
A legislative body with one chamber
Unicameral legislature
The division of executive power among several elected officials
Plural executive

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